If X = 3x Clap + dab solve for X

Did you watch the Avalanche game tonight?

If so then you all all ready know that Matt Duchene and Mikko Rantanen after combining for the overtime winning goal met up in celebration with the debut of the “triple clap and dab!” Yay or nay?  Then again I’m not relay sure I am feeling the whole dab thing, not sure I ever got it to be completely honest, but what I did get is that for the first time in weeks Matt Duchene seemed to be having fun again on the ice. He appeared to be smiling a bit more, seemed to be lighter on his feet and have a bit more energy and he coined the new celebration with the young Rantanan.

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Why this new energy and a seemingly more relaxed and content Duchene? Could he have found out he is not going anywhere? Could he have just accepted that his time in Denver is coming to an end and he needs to just make the most of what is left? Those questions may not be answered  for some time. (March 1st or possibly the off season) but for tonight I think that I can speak for all Avalanche fans when I say that it was sure nice to see Matt Duchene back to playing and enjoying the game we all know that he loves tonight.

Another interesting thing to point out that I noticed tonight is that it is the first time Coach Bednar has broken up the Landeskog Mackinnon Rantanan line sense he first put them together 6 games ago. Again some may want to reach here and think that it means the organization has decided to move on from Landeskog and they wanted to see how Duchene and Rantanen looked together tonight. While I will not go completely out on a limb and say there is a done deal waiting to be announced but I do find it interesting that the same Boston trade rumors seemed to get a lot more intense today.

The team as a whole finally seemed to at least give a pretty consistent effort tonight for the whole 60 minutes. In the first period Tyson Barrie reminded us why so many teams around the league would love to have a player like him on their blue line when he took a great pass from Jarome Iginla and skated in on the goalie made a beautiful fake around a sliding defender and then put in a perfect shot into the net leaving the goalie and defender laying on the ice a bit confused as to what just took place.

With the first period winding to a close the puck bounced into the Avalanche zone with about 30 seconds to go the Hurricanes tied up the game when a shot deflected off of Zadorov’s stick and changed direction on Calvin Pickard

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From that point on he was perfect, finishing the game with a solid 36 save performance.

In overtime Matt Duchene made a no look pass through the high slot to rookie Mikko Rantanan who blasted the puck from to top side of the circle into the net.  This is where Duchene and Mikko displayed their new “triple clap and dab!” celebration.

The Avalanche forced the Hurricanes into an impressive 19 turnovers in the game and landed 25 hits to go along with 9 blocked shots. The team will next play on Sunday February 19th back at the Pepsi Center when the Tampa Bay Lighting come to town.



Here is an interview with the winning goalie Calvin Pickard after the game.


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