February 11th 2017, The day that Lundqvist became the youngest goalie in NHL history to record his 400th win, but was he really? Short answer here is obviously yes, he was and it is an incredible accomplishment.

Anything written in the rest of this article is in no way an attempt to take that away from him in any way. I just want to make that completely clear up front here. I just thought it would be interesting to take a deeper look at the numbers of some of the greatest to play the game.

The other day I was listening to a great podcast by BSN Denver. (BSN Denver link) They are a great company who deliver some of the best coverage on the Colorado Avalanche that you will find out there. During one of their podcasts they mentioned Lundqvist’s 400th win because it was (unfortunately for us Avs fans) against the Avalanche. They made a very interesting comment that I wanted to explore in a bit more depth here. They asked the question.. “I wonder how many of the wins in his career have come in a shoot out?”

This is a very interesting question to me because when you talk about the best goalies ever to play the game you start to hear names like Patrick Roy, Martin Broduer, Dominik Hasek, Terry Sawchuk maybe Chris Osgood.  You get the point, I am sure there are some incredible names i have left off this list but lets take a look at the top 3 goalies all time in terms of wins to their name.

This data started to blow my mind the more I dug into it.



Ed Belfour

Games Played:  963

Wins 484

Ties 125

if every tie was a win 609 wins possible 63 % winning percent over career

If he won 50 % of his ties 546.5 (547 rounded)


Photo Credit: Ian McLaren

Patrick Roy


Games Played:  1029

Wins 551

Ties 131

if every tie was a win 682 wins possible 66% winning percent over career

If he won 50 % of his ties 616.5 (617rounded) wins


Photo Credit: AP File Photo

Martin Brodeur


Games Played:  1259

Wins 691

Ties 154

if every tie was a win 845 wins possible 67% winning percent over career

If he won 50 % of his ties 768 wins


After looking a bit deeper I am still convinced that even with games not ending in a tie Lunqvist’ss accomplishment is quiet impressive. There is so much on and off ice practice and training that goes into something like that. It must be quite an amazing feeling after the life long commitment he’s made to this great game that we all love.

Lundqviust currently sits at 34 years old. if he were to catch Belfour assuming that he won half of his ties it would only take 146.5 (147)  wins. he won’t play 82 games a year but if he plays 3 more years and averaged around 40 wins per season he might realistically have a shot at passing Belfours adjusted number(wins plus half of ties). He is still 216 wins off Roy’s adjusted wins number and 368 off of Broduer’s adjusted wins total.

Now lets just let that sink in for a minute here. In order for Lundqvist to reach Broduer’s adjusted wins number he would have to almost play the entire length of his career to this point in time and preform similarly to his career to this point.  Now we will never know just how far Belfour, Roy and Brodeur could have pushed their win totals playing in the modern era, it is certainly something to marvel at what they might be achieved in today’s game.


Photo Credit feature image:  (Getty Images)


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