With the Trade Deadline just days away and dominoes starting to fall, trade talks are starting to heat up. A number of big names are on the block this deadline, as teams begin to either bolster their rosters for a playoff push or sell for the sake of the future.

A number of names have been thrown around over the past few weeks, but not everyone discussed will actually get dealt at the deadline. It is fun to play armchair GM in your free time and imagine your team landing all the big names. The reality is that in order to get talent at the deadline, you also will need to deal some assets in return.

With that in mind, we have listed our ten most intriguing deadline targets, what it will cost to get them, and where we expect each to draw interest from.

1.Matt Duchene, C, Colorado Avalanche

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Age: 26 Salary Cap Hit: $6 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 54 G 16 A 20 P 36

Potential Suitors: Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers

Expected Return: Top Forward and Young Defenseman

One of the two biggest names expected to be dealt at the deadline. The Avalanche will be looking for a substantial return for their top center. Montreal appears to be the front-runner for Duchene right now. If Claude Julien decides he doesn’t want to coach Galenchyuk, Duchene is as good as theirs.

The Islanders want to bring someone in to play with Tavares, but would likely have to give up Hamonic and another piece. They will most likely want to keep Hamonic and look elsewhere. Perhaps Jordan Eberle in the offseason?

The Avalanche and the Flyers have been heavily scouting each other lately. The Flyers would welcome Duchene, but would have to give up one of their AHL defensive prospects. Hagg or Sanheim plus a young winger would be the type of deal Colorado is likely looking for. Not holding my breath on it, but stranger things have happened.

2.Kevin Shattenkirk, D, St. Louis Blues

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Age: 28 Salary Cap Hit: $4.25 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 60 G 11 A 31 P 42

Potential Suitors: New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins

Expected Return: First Round Pick and Top Prospect

As time goes on and Shattenkirk kills deals, the Blues’ expected return value must be declining. As of now, they would probably like to get a second, a top prospect and an established defenseman. Shattenkirk makes it seem like he knows where he wants to play, though.

There is talk that he will be traded as a rental, which would ultimately decrease his trade value. The Blues would be wise to trade Shattenkirk where he wants to play long-term and extract as much value out of him as possible. I still think he ends up in New York by March 1st.

3.Thomas Vanek, LW, Detroit Red Wings

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Age: 33 Salary Cap Hit: $2.6 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 47 G 15 A 23 P 38

Potential Suitors:Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators

Expected Return: Conditional Second or a Third and a Fourth round pick

Vanek is having a productive year with the wings when he can stay healthy. The 33 year-old winger will need a new contract next year, but his current $2.6 million is very manageable in a trade for a scorer of his caliber.

The Kings will probably make a hard run at Vanek, since their lack of offense has been their downfall this year. With Jonathan Quick coming back, the Kings will need to add a pure scorer to their top six if they want to make it into the playoffs.

The Senators are also in need of scoring to get into the playoffs, so they could be interested in adding Vanek as well. They do not have an abundance of picks to give in the next two years, though, so they may have to give up someone like Curtis Lazar to make this happen

The Blackhawks really want to add a weapon to play alongside Jonathan Toews for the rest of the year. They could give up their 2017 second rounder to land Vanek, but then they would not pick again until the fourth round. They do have three fifth round picks, though.

4.Martin Hanzal, C, Arizona Coyotes

Nov 21, 2015; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Arizona Coyotes center <a rel=

Age: 29 Salary Cap Hit: $3.1 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 50 G 15 A 10 P 25

Potential Suitors:Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Washington Capitals

Expected Return: First Round Pick

Hanzal appears to be the Canadiens’ backup plan if they cannot land Duchene. This probably makes the Senators more likely to make an aggressive move on him, and may want to try to land him before the Avalanche even make a deal. The Senators could theoretically move their first round pick, but I think it is more likely that they package their third rounder with a young prospect not named Thomas Chabot.

The Capitals could certainly use Hanzal, especially if this is the year they will push hard for the cup. If that is the case, they could send their 2018 first rounder in exchange for Hanzal. It is more likely that they would send a later round pick and someone like Jakub Vrana or Madison Bowey.

5: Patrick Sharp, C, Dallas Stars

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Credit: Jerome Miron, USA Today Sports

Age: 35 Salary Cap Hit: $5.9 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 34 G 7 A 7 P 14

Potential Suitors:Anaheim Ducks, Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins

Expected Return: Goaltender or a young forward + Third round pick

Sharp is a veteran depth forward with Stanley Cup experience, a hot commodity at the deadline. Though he has struggled with injuries this season, contenders will be looking to add Sharp as a rental. The Stars will have to retain some of his salary to facilitate a move.

Pittsburgh could send Marc Andre Fleury to the Stars, who desperately need Goaltending help. The Penguins would then need to decide what to do for a backup goalie, though. Fleury probably isn’t going anywhere, unless Dallas sweetens up the deal. Penguins have plenty of picks to give.

The Ducks and Capitals could both use some Stanley cup experience, as both are expected to make runs for the finals. The Ducks could offer Jonathan Bernier, since they have three goalies on their roster currently. Keeping Jhonas Enroth in the NHL is an option if they decide to send Bernier packing.

It would be harder for the Capitals to pull this trade-off while still considering it an upgrade. Crazier thing have happened, but Sharp’s cap hit ultimately make this deal unlikely for Washington.

6.Brendan Smith, D, Detroit Red Wings

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Credit: Tom Szczerbowski, USA Today Sports

Age: 27 Salary Cap Hit: $2.75 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 33 G 2 A 3 P 5

Potential Suitors:New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs

Expected Return: Second or third round pick and a young prospect

Brendan Smith seems to be the plan B option for teams that miss out on Shattenkirk. It makes sense, though. He has a reasonable cap hit for a deadline defenseman and is not too old. May not be an offensive force but will help teams looking for defensive depth.

The Rangers will be the front-runners if they don’t land Shattenkirk. New York will certainly add some defensive help to make a run this year. Henrik Lunqvist may not have too many good years left, so there is a sense of urgency. The Blue Shirts have the assets to make this deal happen if they want it.

The Canadiens may be looking to add Smith if they don’t give up too much for Duchene. Smith may be a good complement to Shea Weber. They also have three-second round picks in 2018, and may use one as a bargaining chip.

The Maple leafs would also be a good fit. They are believed to be one of the teams still in on Shattenkirk. If they are unable to land Shattenkirk or Jacob Trouba, they may use Smith to get into the playoffs. With so much young talent already, they may look to deal one of their three 2017 second round picks.

7.Johnny Oduya, D, Dallas Stars

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Credit:Brad Rempel, USA Today Sports

Age: 35 Salary Cap Hit: $3.75 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 36 G 1 A 6 P 7

Potential Suitors:, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins

Expected Return: Second Round Draft Pick

Contenders will look to add depth to their defense before the deadline and Oduya seems certain to be dealt. The Penguins seem like a solid fit right now with so many injuries at the blue line. They just added Ron Hainsey, but missing both Trevor Daley and Olli Maatta for several weeks may have the penguins looking for more help.

If the Rangers miss out on Shattenkirk, they may look to add Brendan Smith and/or Oduya. They have two 2018 second round picks, so it would not be out of the question to throw one at Oduya if they need him.

8.Jarome Iginla, RW, Colorado Avalanche

Credit: David Zalubowski, AP

Age: 39 Salary Cap Hit: $5.33 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 59 G 8 A 10 P 18

Potential Suitors:Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild, San Jose Sharks

Expected Return: Conditional Third Round pick

Iginla will certainly be dealt at the deadline, just as Kimmo Timonen was two years ago. His low production this year has certainly impacted league interest, though, so the Avs may end up getting a third rounder or less for the living legend.

The Kings could land Iginla if they are unable to land a more prolific scorer.  Minnesota seems to be looking at Iginla as one of their top trade targets. This should tell you that the Wild aren’t looking to add too much at the deadline.

9.Anthony Duclair, LW, Arizona Coyotes

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Credit: Gary A. Vasquez, USA Today Sports

Age: 21 Salary Cap Hit: $0.77 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 41 G 3 A 6 P 9

Potential Suitors:Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators

Expected Return: Young Center and a late pick

If the Flyers don’t end up going for Duchene, it seems likely that the only player they would consider adding is Duclair. His stock is low, but Duclair still has significant upside as a sniper, something the Flyers need going forward. The Flyers could offer Nick Cousins and a second round pick to get this done.

The Senators also are in on Duclair. The Coyotes may want someone like Ryan Dzingel from the Senators, though. I doubt Lazar would interest the Coyotes. They would not want to trade one struggling young player for another.

10.Mark Streit, D, Philadelphia Flyers

Mar 8, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Philadelphia Flyers defenseman <a rel=

Age: 39 Salary Cap Hit: $5.25 Million

2016-2017 Stats: GP 47 G 5 A 15 P 20

Potential Suitors:Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens

Expected Return: Second or Third round Pick

Streit is almost certainly in one of his last two seasons in the league. The 39 year-old will still draw attention at the deadline, though. Teams like the Kings, Oilers, and Canadiens will be looking to add depth and Powerplay experience to their teams.

Given the price that was set for Hainsey, the Flyers can expect to get a second or third round pick for Streit. They will also likely have to retain some of this salary to make a deal happen. Streit will most likely be traded at the deadline.


Featured Image is Credit of Jeff Roberson, AP

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