Montreal Canadians add another physical hard hitting forward in Andreas Martinsen.

To Colorado
Sven Andrighetto

To Canadians
Andreas Martinsen

While I like this pickup as an Avalanche fan for a couple of reasons there are also a couple of things about how it all went down that I am left a bit confused at as well. First of all Not long ago Sven was actually placed on waivers to send do to the Canadians AHL team. Once a player is placed on waivers any team in the NHL will have a chance to decide to claim them. If and teams claim that player the team with the lowest position in the standings gets the player for free. I am not sure why the Avalanche did not just place a waiver claim on him when this happened earlier on in the season. In fact there were many Avalanche fans that were excited when he was waived thinking that he might get picked up by the team back then.

While Martinsen has brought a ton of energy physicality and grit to the team sense he made the team in a more full time capacity last season the truth of the matter is weather it is fair or not that style of player is much easier to find for NHL teams. As brutally harsh as this sounds I feel like it was a solid move for the Avalanche to pick Sven up who has some good speed and some solid offensive upside as well. He is an interesting piece to me to see paired with the young speedy players that the Avalanche are looking to be building around in the years to come. Players such as Mikko Rantanen, Nathan Mackinnon, Tyson Jost and potentially Nolan Patrick.

Martinsen was one of my favorite players in his short time with us due to that energy and effort he gave. I personally think that he might have a bit more offensive upside that he can still realize then he has at this point in his NHL career as well. He should be a solid addition to what the Canadians are looking to do this post season. They are a team that I don’t think anyone wants to face physically speaking now. They have a team that looks like they could physically beat you up all night long with big hits and grind it out style of play.

I wish Martinesen the best of luck with the the new team and I would love to see him get a deep playoff run in and be able to provide some strong physical play and energy for the team. This should be a fun team to watch in the post season now that they have added yet another physical hard nosed player to make them harder to play against.

Here is the scouting report for Sven from the player forecaster at the The Hockey News

A creative player with excellent hockey sense, he has scoring upside and a good work ethic. Can be a factor on a scoring line and can line up at all three forward positions.
Is significantly undersized for the North American game, so he must prove he can be a point producer against top competition (and against big NHL defensemen).
Diminutive, skilled forward with some upside.


Feature Photo Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


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