New Jersey Devils have traded P.A. Parenteau to the Nashville Predators for a 6th round draft pick

To Nashville
P.A. Parenteau

To New Jersey
6th round draft pick

P.A. Parenteau is a 33 year old right winger who has scored 114 goals and 181 assists for a total of 295 points in 483 games played in the NHL. This year he has scored 13 goals and 14 assists for 27 points in 59 games played with the Devils. He has had a bit of an up and down year scoring this year, but he possess all the offensive skills to add some solid secondary scoring to the top 6 for the Predators. While they currently don’t seem to need to worry too much about scoring as long as Filip Forsberg is on the ice getting a little bit more balanced scoring from their other lines would only help them reach their goals this post season.

Here is the scouting report on him from the forecaster at The Hockey News

Has excellent offensive instincts, which he exploits brilliantly on the power play thanks to deft puck control and passing ability. Is a very good playmaker, as well as a proven point producer.
Is somewhat undersized and lacks strength (he can be knocked off the puck). Not an especially great straightline skater, he is not a great player without the puck on his stick.
Solid, skilled veteran point producer.


It seems like this is a pretty low return in my honest opinion for P.A. I think that this was a very solid deal for the Predators, it was a low risk potentially high return type of deal for a rental player that could really put up some solid numbers if he is able to find some chemistry with the team. Still being able to get any value at all for a player rather then letting him walk for nothing is a key thing to try and do when your trying to rebuild and stock up your future assets and get your depth built up down the line.

Devils Grade: B I think they could have gotten a bit higher value, but not by much still adding a future pick is never a bad thing.

Predators Grade: B+ I think that the predators gave up a relatively small asset compared to what P.A. could bring to the team if he can fit in and find some quick chemistry with the rest of the players.

Feature Image Credit Chris O’Meara/Associated Press


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