The Pittsburgh Penguins have acquired Mark Streit from the Tampa Bay Lightning

To the Penguins:

Mark Streit

To the Lightning:

2018 4th Round Pick


After already being traded once today, Mark Streit was swapped again at the deadline. The Pittsburgh Penguins picked Streit up from the Lightning in exchange for their 2018 4th round draft pick. This comes less than an hour after Tampa had added Streit from the Philadelphia Flyers.

Tampa will retain 50% of Streit’s salary in the deal. Philadelphia is also paying 4.7% of Streit’s $5.25 million AAV, leaving Pittsburgh to pick up just $1.76 million of his expiring contract. Tampa will receive Pittsburgh’s 4th round draft pick in 2018, after sending Philadelphia their 2017 4th round pick.


By trading Streit to Pittsburgh, Tampa also now has to give their 2017 7th round pick to Philadelphia. The condition on the draft pick was that the Flyers would receive a 7th round pick if the Lightning decided to trade Mark Streit.

By trading Streit and Filppula, Tampa has relieved itself of nearly $3 million in cap space, in addition to solving an expansion draft issue. By simply acting as the middle man between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Steve Yzerman has drastically improved his organization.


Featured Image is Credit of Yong Kim, Philadelphia Inquirer

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