Nathan MacKinnon was the 1st overall selection by the Colorado Avalanche in the 2013 NHL Entry draft. He is currently playing in his 4th season at the NHL level. In 284 games played in the NHL he has scored 73 goals and 124 assists for 197 total points at this stage of his career.

The Avalanche as a whole are having a very rough season this year due to many factors that we will take a look at in a much more in depth way in an article to come shortly.  For now lets keep this focused on MacKinnon.

Currently MacKinnon has scored 13 goals and 30 assists for a total of 43 points in the 65 games he has played this season. After signing a large long term extension with the team in the past off season most fans and people around the organization, MacKinnon included, were hoping that this year would be his big break out season. The one where he clearly establishes himself as one of the leagues best young players.  While he has not done that at this point he has had some pretty incredible plays and goals on the year. Unfortunately the team is all but gearing up for next season all ready as they don’t have any shot at post season play this year.

Here is a scouting report on Nathan MacKinnon from The Hockey News player forecaster.


Is a big-play talent. Has tremendous overall skill. Skates exceptionally well and owns the hands of a natural goal-scorer. Can also be a quality setup man. Is quite versatile, overall.
Defensively, he is still largely a work-in-progress forward in the NHL. Also, since he is from the same area as Sidney Crosby, he will always be exposed to unfair comparisons.
Outstanding, speedy and versatile scoring forward with upside.


While this season has been a disappointment for the franchise as a whole there are some things to be excited about as a fan when looking forward. One of those is that Nathan MacKinnon is signed for the long haul. His current contract will not end until the end of the 2022-2023 season. Here is our second Puck Planet Presents video that of course features.. you guessed it, Nathan MacKinnon!



Do you think that Nathan MacKinnon will be able to take the next step developmentally next year and show all of these incredible skills and speed on a game in game out basis?

Personally I fully believe that he will be able to really cement himself as one of the top young guns in the game by this time next year. We will be thinking about him and looking back going wow, why was there ever any doubt?

Feature Image Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images


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