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The Islanders fired their old head coach, Jack Capuano, two months ago. Since his firing the Islanders have had a playoff caliber record–15-7-3. So it begs the question, what has Doug Weight been doing right, or more realistically, what was Jack Capuano doing wrong? Now this is no slight to Doug, I think he’s been coaching the team well and they’ve been playing at the level they should be at, the level of a playoff team. So back to the question at hand, what was so bad about Jack Capuano? In my opinion it all has to do with the style Capuano wanted the team to play and the differing ideas between Capuano and the General Manager of the New York Islanders, Garth Snow.

The Islanders Two Months Ago

If you were to watch the Islanders two months ago, with Jack Capuano, you would be seeing a much different team. A team who would be playing a hard dump and chase game and would be constantly be fighting on the boards. If it worked, then those two things wouldn’t have been a problem but guess what, they didn’t work. For some reason, going against all facts and opinion Jack Capuano stuck to his paradigm and kept playing this strategy that wasn’t working. But why wasn’t it working!?

Snow and Capuano, The Ultimate Sitcom

Miscommunication is the answer to that question. Like what I said before, the miscommunication between Capuano and Snow. If you take a look at this 2017 it isn’t as… gritty to put it nicely. The Islanders lost Matt Martin who was their big hitter. Now, Casey Cizikas and Clutterbuck are still with the Islanders and they’re both still a big hitters but if you look at the big names of this team, Tavares, Ladd, even Bailey. They aren’t known for their hitting ability, they’re known for being strong on the puck. They aren’t known for their work along the boards, they’re known for their shots. But Capuano still played them like they were meant to be doing what they weren’t that amazing at. That’s where the miscommunication is, Garth made a possession team and then Capuano played a gritty system.

A Little Credit To Doug Weight

During Doug’s time as the interim Islanders coach possession numbers have been going up and guess what, those numbers are easily translating to wins that the islanders desperately need to make it into the playoffs. I can only hope that he keeps doing what has been working in what feels like a new New York Islanders.


Feature Image Credit: Jim Mclsaac

Kyle Chouinard

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