It is a period of war on ice. Offensive wrist shots, striking from just inside the blue line, have been winning victories over the evil Opposition.

Between the battles, Interim Head Coach Bruce Cassidy has secretly made changes to the lines, to create the ultimate weapon, the Boston Bruins, an infamous NHL club capable of destroying entire Hockey teams.

Pursued by rival NHL teams, Bruce fearlessly leads the Bruins to victory, custodian of the plans to save our season and possibly bring the Cup home.

Now the Serious Part..

Before Bruce Cassidy was appointed our Interim Head Coach, he’s been all over the place. Bouncing around between ECHL, IHL, AHL, a first stint in the NHL as Head Coach of the Washington Capitals and Assistant Coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, down to OHL, then back on up to AHL with the Providence Bruins, and finally being last season’s Assistant Coach, as well as this season’s Head Coach of the Boston Bruins.

With playing experience all over the world, combined with 20 years of coaching experience, Bruce seems just dandy at the helm of the Bruins. With a record of 10-3-0 as Head Coach and with the way our boys have been putting it down on the ice, the playoffs could be interesting. We can all agree a Cup this season is unlikely, however that doesn’t mean our new leader will let the Bruins go down easy. With our rematch against the Ottawa Senators approaching, we should get a pretty good idea of where we stand in the conference.

Anyone Else Noticing a Pattern?

I might be the only one here, but it seems Bruce is leading the Bruins similar to the era of Raymond Bourque and Cam Neely. Focus on defence, dump the puck into the offensive corners, then smack and smash it until it goes in. Granted, we don’t have a “Grinder” quite like Bourque on defense or a revolutionary Power Forward like Cam Neely, but our current roster (with the exception of a few) is playing Bruins Hockey. They touch our puck, they will pay.

Historically, when it came to Hockey, the city of Boston didn’t, and still doesn’t do fancy. Physicality, fast-pace, and energy is how the Bruins won Stanley Cups in the past.

If you notice, when we’re in the offensive zone, the puck has been spending more time the in corners while the rest of the offence is getting set up to bombard the opposing net-tender with shots on goal. Fancy? Not at all. Effective? Well let’s allow 10-3-0 speak for itself.

Well What Happens Now?

That’s easy. Go for it. As The Great One once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

We might not make it that far, but I have faith Bruce Cassidy won’t let our Bruins go down without a fight. If that proves true, we’re in for some great Hockey.

 What Are Your Thoughts?

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High Five

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Jacob Parker

As a life-long Hockey fan, I've always found myself either on the ice as a Left Wing or holding Season Tickets for the WHL's Tri-City Americans. I've always been a fan of a team with a rich history and an underdog vibe, so the Bruins was the natural and only choice, considering my Father has been a Bruins fan my entire life. As a fellow Hockey fan, it is my pleasure to bring you the latest in Bruins news, analysis, and predictions, as well as tell you the rich history that comes with our illustrious Hockey Club.

One thought on “Boston Bruins MM-XVII: A New Hope

  1. Your description of how the B’s are playing is 180% off the mark. They aren’t (AT ALL) playing the type of hockey that you’re describing as a matter of fact they HAVE been playing a very un-Bruin-like up tempo finesse type of speed freak game. This is exciting fast paced hockey not anything like we’ve seen from a Bruins team in my memory. They also aren’t a “hitting team” like they used to be either. My advice to the author: Watch way more hockey before you next attempt at writing about the Boston Bruins.

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