Artem Anisimov was injured tonight, in the Blackhawks game against the Montreal Canadiens.  The Blackhawks center got tangled up with Canadiens right winger Alexander Radulov at the end of the first period.  Anisimov was battling for the puck when Radulov fell awkwardly on the back of Anisimov’s legs.  Right now, Anisimov has not returned to the game, and reports are that he is has a lower body injury.  Anisimov is seen holding his lower leg and grimacing in severe pain.   He stayed on the ice itself for a while and it’s speculated that it’s a upper ankle injury.

Anisimov got his career high 45th point earlier in the game with an assist to Patrick Kane to put the Hawks up 1-0.  Currently on the year, Artem Anisimov has 22 goals and 23 assists with a +/- of 8.  The 28 year old also missed a few days at the beginning of March with another injury.

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