Ottawa Senators hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning last night. Ottawa was on a 6 game winning streak entering the game, but that streak ended as the Senators lost with less than a minute remaining in OT.

Mike Condon was the starting goalie for Ottawa as Craig Anderson is out with a lower-body injury. Condon has already proven to be a big 2nd goalie since Senators acquired him from Pittsburgh for a 5th round pick. That showed last night even though fans weren’t that optimistic. He showed up in a big way as he was the biggest reason Ottawa got to OT.

Ottawa’s biggest problem in the first period was disciplined in their defensive lines, players looked a bit lost and not on the same page but Condon allowed only one goal after a rebound.

The other change in the lineup was Bobby Ryan who came back from a broken finger injury. He played great, he was aggressive and physical. You’ve got to find your way into the game after the injury and his presence all over the ice is the 2nd reason why Senators were down by just 1 goal.

3rd reason why Senators held their ground in the game is a low number of penalties. As a matter of fact, there were no penalties in the game until late 2nd period. And no penalties for the rest of the game. So even though 5v5 was a bit sloppy, they weren’t punished by the Lightning.

2nd period was completely controlled by Ottawa. Vasilevski now held Tampa in the game with great saves. Puck possession was on Senators‘ side along with faceoffs but you could feel there was something missing in the offensive side. There wouldn’t be a problem in last night’s game if 3rd period was great on the defensive side as it was in 2nd. But…

3rd period showed how inconsistent Ottawa can be throughout the game as there were a lot of problems with getting control of the puck in the defensive zone and even when players managed to get the puck in their possession, they couldn’t get it through the neutral zone. This time, Tampa pressured even more than in the first period and they had amazing forecheck that led to big chances but Condon had 4 miraculous saves and led the game to OT.

Kucherov had a great game for Tampa Bay and he shuffled Ottawa defencemen multiple times in the first and third period, and that transferred to OT where passing mistake, this time from Karlsson, was finally punished.

As a whole, the game fell into Condon’s lap and he held it for so long, but the mistakes from the defence were too big, offence wasn’t as good since Stone is injured and Turris and Ryan just came back. The plan is clear – disciplined defence. That didn’t happen last night and Ottawa should be really happy about their one point as they owe it all to Mike Condon.




Justin Tang/The Canadian Press via AP



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