For some of us who appreciate the simple things in life, St. Patty’s Day is our favorite time of the year. Good Hockey and a good craft beer are all we need to be happy. Despite last night’s loss to the Edmonton Oilers, our boys have had a pretty decent week away from home, touring the Great White North.

With two wins, one against our 2011 Cup rivals, Vancouver Canucks, and another to end the Calgary Flames 10-Game Winning Streak, it might be safe to say the Bruce Cassidy and the Bruins have found a rhythm to get in the groove.

An exposed weakness, which became apparent last night, is the Bruins ability to play back to back games. I know what you’re thinking, “No, Tuukka just sucked, this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Bear with me, I agree. Last night was not a good example of Tuukka Rask’s abilities, however, during play, what stood out to me most from our boys was fatigue and stress.

No matter the case, we are all excited to talk about he who has been dubbed, “Nose Face Killah.” We’re talking about Brad Marchand. With a Hat Trick and several assists, this puts Marchand in the lead for Points, as well as First Place in the Rocket Richard Race.

We also got a see Chara throw down, always a welcome event to a Bruins fan. What we need to remember here, is that this loss does not hurt us in the Standings. What is also a refreshing to know, is Anton Khudobin’s ability to perform under fatigue and stress, especially during back to back games.

Overall, I would say it has been a productive week. After a St. Patty’s Day weekend break, we’ll finish off our 4-Game tour in Canada as we take on the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Let us know what you thought of the Bruins week in Canada in the comments below!

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Jacob Parker

As a life-long Hockey fan, I've always found myself either on the ice as a Left Wing or holding Season Tickets for the WHL's Tri-City Americans. I've always been a fan of a team with a rich history and an underdog vibe, so the Bruins was the natural and only choice, considering my Father has been a Bruins fan my entire life. As a fellow Hockey fan, it is my pleasure to bring you the latest in Bruins news, analysis, and predictions, as well as tell you the rich history that comes with our illustrious Hockey Club.

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