Sebastian Aho is a 19-year-old rookie playing for the Carolina Hurricanes this year in the NHL. He is a bit smaller than your average hockey player at 5’11” and only 172 pounds. His nationality is Finnish. He was rated in the top 20 European forwards that were eligible for the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. He was drafted in the second round, 35th overall by the Carolina  Hurricanes.

He signed his Entry level contract with the hurricanes on June 13th, 2016. He made his NHL Debut this season on October 13th, 2016. Aho scored his first hat trick int he NHL in a game against the Philadelphia Flyers on January 31, 2017. In doing so he also became the youngest player in the Carolina Hurricanes/Hartford Whalers franchise history to score a hat-trick. So far on the season, Aho has scored 20 goals and 19 assists for a total of 39 points in 68 games played.

Here is The Hockey News forecast for Sebastian Aho


His playmaking stands out on the ice. Has plenty of offensive acumen and good skating ability. Plays with energy and is usually rather noticeable when on the ice. Owns a lot of flair, but is also productive.
Lacks ideal size (5-11, 172 pounds) for the National Hockey League game, so he must prove he can handle playing his offensive style in smaller ice surfaces in North America. Needs some work defensively.
Skilled, talented playmaker with good upside.


Here is Hockeys Future Talent Analysis of Aho

Talent Analysis

An excellent skilled player, Aho has been a solid contributor in FInland’s top league. Aho is undersized (5’11, 172 pounds) compared to Carolina’s other recent draft picks, but he makes up for it with above-average hockey sense — specifically in the offensive zone — and creativity with the puck.

And of course… Here is what you all have been waiting for. Week #3 of our Puck Planet Presents Series featuring – Sebastian Aho!

Do you think this young rookie has what it takes to develop into a star in the NHL in a few seasons? Do you think he will be a top line franchise level talent, or will he be a solid top 6 option? Will he fall off and not even crack the top 6? Will he be sent back to the AHL and never get another shot at the NHL?

Let us know in the comments below what you think! My Prediction is that he fits somewhere between the franchise level talent on the top line and the solid top 6 player. I see a lot of good things from his game and how it looks like he could develop further in the future.

Feature Image Credit to Sports Illustrated


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6 thoughts on “Sebastian Aho – Rookie Review

  1. I see a whole lot of good things to come for Aho, he is a really smart player and he uses his body well considering his size. He has even shown a bit of sandpaper in his game when he has been challenged which will be great once he matures and adds weight.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That sounds really promising. for someone being a bit smaller being able to see some of that sandpaper in his game is really encouraging as well. It seems like he could really be a solid player as he matures and fills out to his NHL body. I am even more excited to see how he develops moving forward now. Thanks again for taking the time to give the article a read and sharing your thoughts!

  2. I am a hockey fan from Sebastian Aho’s hometown, Oulu Finland. Although “Sepe” is such a nice guy, he is very competitive on ice. He is real smart, would even say intelligent player and he’s a very quick learner. What I have seen about his ability to get constantly better I would say he will be a star in couple of years, maybe even next season.

    1. That is awesome, did you know him personally or just see him play? I am excited to see him develop and turn into a star as well! Thank you for for the comment!

      1. I don’t know him personally, but I know few persons in Karpat organization so I have some perception about him. And of course I have seasonal tickets to Karpat home games so I’ve watched him play ever since he joined the active roster. His father is also former player (Harri Aho) and has been a Sports Manager for Oulun Karpat for years, so you could say Sebastian was born to play.

        1. That is really awesome. Thank you so much for you perspective and information on him. Do you know what team or teams in the NHL he liked when he was younger? Do you think that he will be content staying with the Hurricanes through his career, or do you think that he might end up with another team or two before its all said and done?

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