Joshua Ho-Sang, Youngin’ Extraordinaire

Joshua Ho-Sang has started to make his mark in the NHL in a major fashion. He’s a fun-to-watch goal scorer with a wicked pass that will make the crowd cry with joy. With 6 points in his first ten games of becoming an NHL rookie he’s off to a great start, but why has his play been so tremendous so far in his very young career?

Perfect Line Pairings

Doug Weight has done a brilliant job with Ho-Sang’s placement line-wise. He’s always being set up with people who can set him up. In the past three games, he has been centered by Brock Nelson, John Tavares, and Ryan Strome. All placed 4th, 2nd, and 5th respectively in overall team assists. This is probably one of the best reasons why he has 3 goals and 3 assists in his first 10 games, it’s an abnormally even stat line for the young player. Now 6 points seem like an extremely small sample size, and it is for the most part, but considering he only had 19 goals and a whopping 63 assists last season with the Niagra Ice Dogs it is kind of interesting that his goals and assists are even in his first 10 games. This, I believe, comes from the line pairings from Islanders mastermind Doug Weight.

A Matured Experience

Last year was not a generally good year for Joshua Ho-Sang with the New York Islanders. He started that off by sleeping late on the first day of training camp. He was forced to run the stairs of Nassau Coliseum and then afterward, go home for the rest of camp. But in the beginning of this season, his attitude still wasn’t different. He had been benched a couple times during his time in Bridgeport but his attitude with the Islanders in the big leagues has been much different. In March Doug Weight, coach of the New York Islanders was asked about Ho-Sang, he said that he’s “always been a good kid in (his) mind.” Doug Weight also mentioned that “Josh just had to grow up a little bit in certain areas.” A big turnaround in what coaches were saying about Ho-Sang a couple months before. He has a new sense of maturity with the New York Islanders. He has even been able to laugh at his past mistakes.


All of this newfound maturity has definitely improved his play. If he didn’t have this I’m not sure if he would have had such a great start.

All in All

Ho-Sang isn’t just having a great start because of his maturity and linemates it’s also largely in part to his skill. The man is an offensive juggernaut and a perfect player for his role on the team. Ho-Sang is not leaving the Islanders, or the NHL, anytime soon. Islanders fans should be very, very excited for Ho-Sang now and excited for his future.

Feature Image Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

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