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The United States Women’s National Team has been boycotting the World Championships that are being held in Michigan this year. This is because of unfair wages and unequal support for the growth of the game of women’s hockey compared to the growth of men’s hockey. Since the announcement of the boycott, Hillary Clinton, Zach Bogosian, Elizabeth Warren, and many more political and hockey figures have come to support the boycott and the women’s team. But, the biggest news yet is that a deal has been made between the two warring parties.

The Deal

On Tuesday, March 28th, The United States Nation Women’s Team for ice hockey had reached a deal with US Hockey. A part of this deal, though, is that the financial information of it would not be shared by either of the parties involved with the deal. But, something that wasn’t kept private between the parties is the creation of the Women’s High Performance Advisory Group. This group has set out to “assist USA Hockey in efforts to advance girls’ and women’s hockey in all areas, including programming, marketing, promotion and fundraising,” according to USA Hockey’s statement. This is great for the growth of the game of women’s hockey because no longer will it have to deal with an unsupportive and almost non-existent base like the heads of USA Hockey.

Player Reaction

Meghan Duggan, the captain of the US team, posted this video to her twitter on Tuesday.

The team is obviously excited and proud proclaiming that this tournament was “Their Stanley Cup.”

Jacquie Greco of the NWHL team, the Buffalo Beauts, posted this also on twitter.


What It All Means

The Women’s High Performance Advisory Group is the best thing to come out of this deal besides the team playing in Michigan for the World Championships. This group will do a great job of supporting the women’s game because of the members of that team, the past and present members of the USWNT. Also, this deal doesn’t just help the USNWT, USA Hockey just saved a lot of face in taking the deal. If they weren’t to do so they would permanently tarnish their brand and their name. Luckily, in saving their brand, women’s national hockey is saved.

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