Tyson Jost has just signed his 3-year Entry Level Contract with the Colorado Avalanche. According to CapFriendly the contract is worth $925,000 annually. Jost is 19 years old and just finished a season for the North Dakota Fighting Hawks where he scored 16 goals and 19 assists in 33 games. He also was voted with the National Collegiate Hockey Conference’s goal of the year from his goal that he scored against Omaha in February. Here is a clip of the beauty below.

Something as an Avalanche fan that is very interesting to look at is this video clip from when the Avalanche were playing the Chicago Blackhawks back in 2007. If you listen very carefully to what Mcnab says after this goal then give some thought to the situation the Avalanche are in this season and what Jost coming in could mean. It almost gave me chills to be completely honest when a friend and fellow writer first pointed it out to me. (Shout out to Patrick Miffilin). It almost has a bit of a prophetic feeling to it.

There are many comparisons to Toews and Jost right now, and in these two clips, you can see the hands and why there are some of those comparisons being made. This clip of Toews was at the same age that Jost is in his goal above.

Tyson Jost also played for Team Canada in the World Junior Championships that took place in Toronto and Montreal this last January. He won silver with Team Canada as Team USA took home the gold in a shoot out victory in the gold medal game.

Just before the Avalanche‘s game against the Washington Capitals last night Joe Sakic made a team release that announced the signing of Jost. It read

“We are excited to announce that Tyson has signed his entry-level contract and will be joining us for the rest of this season. Tyson is an all-around player. He competes, plays the game hard and is reliable at both ends of the ice. He just finished a strong year at North Dakota and we’re looking forward to seeing him in an Avalanche sweater.”

The Avalanche wasted absolutely no time in getting him his Entry Level Contract offer, or getting him to sign it as according to the Grand Forks Herald The Avalanche had personnel from the team there waiting outside the locker room when the team was changing after the double overtime loss to Boston University Friday night in the NCAA Tournament. It took the team 5 days to get the contract signed, but they wasted no time and got it done Wednesday night. By signing the ELC with the Avalanche Jost effectively gave up his final 3 years of collegiate eligibility. Before the contract was signed there was an overwhelming suspicion by many involved that Jost would not only forgo signing the ELC now but would play at least another season with the UND Fighting Hawks. In something of an interesting situation, it appears according to an interview that Nathan MacKinnon did with Adrian Dater recently that MacKinnon and Jost had been in contact with each other recently as well. I was pretty impressed by this move by MacKinnon. It really shows some developing leadership on his part as well to reach out to Jost in such a way. The two players also share the same agent Pat Brisson.

Here is a very interesting quote from a great article by milehighsticking on the Jost signing and situation in general.

“MacKinnon and Jost share an agent, Pat Brisson. According to MacKinnon, the two were texting on Tuesday about Jost signing with the team. Apparently Jost was a “little hesitant” because of the state of the Colorado Avalanche right now. However, MacKinnon assured him that they it was “going to be better here.”

Be sure to check it out sometime if you would like to get some more information and if you ever want to see some more great Avalanche coverage they are another solid resource as well as BsnDenver where Adrian Dater is currently employed.

Tyson Jost appears to be a large part of Joe’s plans for the Avalanche now and in the future as well. As we neared the National Hockey League trading deadline Joe let various media outlets know that the only three truly untouchable players in his system (NHL or Minors) were at the time Nathan MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen, and Tyson Jost. It appears that Joe is serious about getting the team younger, faster, and doing it quickly.

On the night of the draft when the Avalanche selected Jost, this is what he had to say about his intentions and his goals and plans for the future.

“Right now I see myself playing one or two years at North Dakota. My ultimate goal, the reason I went to school was to develop as a player and ultimately get to the NHL and win a Stanley Cup. That’s the main reason I chose North Dakota is because they put players in the NHL and that’s my goal. If I work on a few details in my game and get bigger and stronger, I figure one or two years.”

The same night Joe has this to say about Jost

“We’re willing to wait. … We really love his character, we love his compete, he plays a full 200-foot game. He’s a great leader. As a hockey player, he does everything really well. He can skate, he’s got great vision, he can score. He’s an all-around complete hockey player. He’s a really great leader, great in the dressing room and off the ice as a person.”

Another interesting thing is that Jost nearly ended up at Denver University before ultimately deciding to go with North Dakota for his collage of choice. That would have been interesting to see both Jost and another top prospect of the Avalanche Will Butcher playing on the same team. I guess we will have to wait at least until next season to get a look at that for now, though. Jost also now became the first freshman player from North Dakota to sign an NHL contract sense Ed Belfour in 1987. This was reported by the Grand Forks Herald.

Jost is expected to join the Avalanche today Thursday, March 30th, 2017. The fans could see him in game action as early as Friday when the Avalanche face off against the St Louis Blues as long as he passes the physical and does not run into any issues with his work visa. For those of you who are worried that this would effectively burn his first year of his contract because the Avalanche do not have 10 or more games left in their season this is not the case. If you can remember a season ago with Mikko Rantanen the Avalanche brought him up and let him play I belive it was 8 games? (give or take a game or 2) before deciding to send him back to the American Hockey League for that season. This is the same rule that is in place, the only difference is we are seeing it on the back end of the season instead of the front end as we did with Mikko more recently.

If Jost does dress for the Avalanche as is expected he will become the 11th former UND player to make his NHL debut this season. You can start to see why Jost said that he choose UND to get to the NHL. They have a program that is historically a great producer of NHL talent. As of the time of this article being written 15 percent of the players who play for UND play in the NHL. That is a pretty impressive number.

Here is a video of the draft day selection of Jost by the Avalanche

When the Avalanche made Jost their 10th overall selection in the NHL draft they also made him one of the highest drafted players at UND all time. The only other player to be drafted from there higher then him was Jonathan Toews. Oh yeah, there are those comparisons again. May seem a bit unfair to the kid all ready to be comparing him to a world class player such as Toews, but even the Grand Forks Herald says that Jost displays a similar game to Toews.

At the same time if the boot fits… If the skill is there… Only time will tell that, but he is a very exciting player to have coming into the fold during this youth movement the team is appearing to be starting this season instead of waiting for next year. This gives the management a bit of extra time to evaluate and gives some of the young players a bit more time to see if they can generate any chemistry and familiarize themselves with the team, coaches etc. before coming to camp next season.

It will give guys like Jost, Compher, Lindholm and anyone else they decide to call up before the season is over a chance to really know what they need to work on in this off season to come into camp next year ready to prove they belong.

Tyson Josts Youth

Jost grew up in the Edmonton suburb of St. Albert. Tysons earliest hockey coach was his mother Laura. Jost also has a younger sister named Kacey. At the age of 13, Tyson’s grandparents moved to Kelowna, British Columbia so he could attend and play hockey at the Pursuit of Excellence school located there. Jost was living with his grandparents at the time.

for a list of the various teams, he played for growing up check out the Wiki page here.

Quotes from Jost on the Avalanche

The Denver Post’s Mike Chambers asked Jost about the Avalanches horrible season, and this was his response.

“It’s surprising,” Jost said. “I mean, I think they’re better than a lot of people look at them. They have a lot of skill up front. I don’t know if I can really comment because I’m not around the team or anything like that. I try to watch them whenever I get a chance, and obviously, it’s unfortunate they’re not doing the best. But I have a lot of faith in the organization, just after meeting with the management at the beginning of the year. I’m still really proud and honored to be part of that organization, and whenever my time is to go with them I’ll be excited to go up with them for sure.”

At just 19 years old Jost shows the leadership and class that some veteran players in the NHL are still looking to find, and I feel like this quote exemplifies this.

What does next season hold for Jost and the Avalanche?

The original plan this last off season that we heard from Joe was to get the 6 man core signed and locked up long term and then continue to add and build young players around them moving forward. This 6 man core at the time was made up of Semyon Varlamov, Erik Johnson, Tyson Barrie, MacKinnon, Matt Duchene and Gabe Landeskog.  According to the Denver post that now anyone, yes, even MacKinnon are not exempt from a trade if the right offer is presented to Joe that improves the team.

If we are to take a look at some projections for next season and assume that there are no major trades that take place (I am predicting there will but that will be another article) Then the Avalanches top 6 forwards would be made up of some combination of MacKinnon, Rantanen, Landeskog, Duchene, Jost, Compher, and Sven Andrighetto who is a pending RFA and Greer. The way that Andrighetto has put up 11 points in 13 games since being traded to the Avalanche at the trade deadline I can not see any reason why the team would not resign him, or match any kind of offer sheet that he signed if they struggled to get a deal done. I do not think that there will be any issues in getting the deal done though with Andrighetto coming from the Canadiens where he was struggling just to stay in the line up on a night to night basis to being featured in the top 6 with the Avalanche and having a chance to be a key player moving forward for this young and high potential team.

Matt Nieto, Mihail Grigorenko, and Ricco Grimaldi are also guys that I think with a big camp or pre season could potentially find themselves as players who could slip into that top 6 as well.

Will Butcher, and Cam Morrison who are currently slated to play each other in the upcoming Frozen Four in Chicago are players who could potentially get their ELC’s signed as soon as their team is either knocked out or wins the championship and have a shot at playing with the Avalanche next season. Morrison could potentially still play another year in NCAA hockey as well. Both are having good seasons for their respective teams, but both are in a very different situation as far as their status with the Avalanche. More about them can be found in this article here. (Will link to the article when its posted. Should be later this evening)

Scouting Reports

Here is the scouting report from The Hockey News player forecaster. Another great scouting report tool if you are ever interested in looking up a player you may not know much about.

Assets: Is an excellent skater with a strong penchant for producing offense. Can play either center or wing. Provides excellent energy and is able to make plays at a high speed.
Flaws: Needs more work on his consistency if he is to become an elite scoring forward at the highest level. Also needs to fill out his 5-11 frame, and does not have ideal size.
Career Potential: Talented, speedy and versatile forward with upside.


here are a few scouting reports that various scouts have had to say about him prior to the 2016 NHL Draft.

These next 3 quotes and reports can be found in a very solid article that contains more information as well if you are interested in more pre-draft information on Jost you can check it out here. This site is called All About The Jersey and it has some great information.

This is what Future considerations had to say about him

A speedy and skilled fleet of foot forward who just produces points. An agile and slippery skater who has a low centre of gravity and strong balance which he uses to protect the puck. He is a dangerous playmaker who sees the ice and reads developing lanes quickly. Has a very quick shot that fools goaltenders with its surprisingly hard velocity. Tries to play defensive responsible but still has some lessons to learn in that regard.

Here is an excerpt of what Steve Kournianos at the draft had to say about Jost

“Jost is a shark, appearing out of nowhere with speed and tenacity to ruin the breakout play a coach worked on for weeks. Once the puck is on his stick is where his artistry comes to the forefront, as he protects it with his head up while travelling at a high rate of speed before shifting down a gear, curling and weaving in and around the offensive zone for as long as he has to.

Jost has an excellent shot to compliment his extraordinary passing acumen, using soft hands and a quick release to turn a bad pass in his skates into a well-placed attempt at the net. Jost’s shot accuracy is top notch, and he will beat you from the inside of the ice or outside from his arsenal of moves. He is a three-zone center with decent size who will not necessarily avoid physical play, and he’s shown to control the puck while taking a beating.”

Here is what Ben Kerr of the Last Word on Sports had to say as well

“Jost shows commitment to back check, and provides good back pressure when defending against the rush. He reads the play well, and has good positioning which allows Jost to create turnovers, which he quickly transitions into offense. He supports his defence with a willingness to get involved physically in the corners or in front of the net.

Tyson Jost is likely at least a year, and possibly two away from the NHL.  He is headed the NCAA route which will give him plenty of time to work on bulking up and getting ready for the rigours of the NHL.  He is a high-end talent though, with the potential to become a top line player in the NHL, though it might be more likely that he settles in as a high end second liner.”

What do the Avalanche fans out there think about this move? Are the Avalanche on the right track by bringing him in early and letting him get his feet wet and give him a chance to know what he can work on improving over the off season to get ready for his first full year in the NHL potentially, or are they moving too fast with him and potentially going to screw up his development in your opinions?

Share your thoughts here in the comments and I would love to have a discussion with you! Weather you agree or disagree with my assessments and thoughts I look forward to hearing what other excited Avalanche fans out there have to say about Jost!

Here is hoping that we get to see some quick chemistry with whatever line he plays on and we can see a point or 2 early to help his confidence with the new team!

I will add line combinations and various other information from practice or later reports as it becomes available. That will be added under here so be on the look out later. Thanks!


Ryan Crappa is the 29-year-old owner and manager of Puck Planet. He has been a very passionate hockey fan, and more specifically Colorado Avalanche fan going on 17 years now. There have been very few seasons that he has missed more than a couple of games in very dire situations. He has always had a passion for writing as well from a young age. Roughly three years ago when another opportunity was coming to an end he decided to take as many classes and courses as he could to begin to prepare himself to launch this project. Three years later here we are today. If you would like to hear more about Ryan Crappa, the website, or any of the amazingly passionate and talented writers that we have on staff feel free to contact him at RyanCrappa@PuckPlanet.com

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