The Colorado Avalanche will have a quick one game road trip today when they play the Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Center in St Paul Minnesota. Today’s afternoon matchup will be the 4th of 5 total games they will play each other in this season. Today’s game is also an afternoon match up with the puck drop happening at 4:00 PM Mountain standard time.

In the last game, the Avalanche shook off a slow start in the first to completely dominate the game the rest of the way against the St Louis Blues and came out on top with their first win in some time. After getting the full 2 points last time out the team will be looking to keep building on things and try and finish up the rest of this season on a bit of a high note while getting the young kids some more experience.

The last time Wild and Avalanche played each other the Avalanche lost 2-0.

Who to watch tonight?

Honestly tonight I would have to say that the ones to watch is anyone under 23? We have been watching the last week or so a team that is starting to have its identity change right before our eyes. Players like Andrighetto and then last game out Compher showing he is starting to feel comfortable and able to start really playing his game. We also will see Jost again this afternoon and hopefully star to keep seeing him get more comfortable and be able to really start pushing the game as we saw throughout last game. The further into the game we got the more comfortable and the more Jost started to look like he was pushing the play and making things happen positively on both offensive and defensive ends of the ice.

I am excited to watch how the young kids keep playing and developing as this is all something that we can be very excited about for next season. It was sure electric at the Pepsi Center last game when Jost skated out to center ice to take his penalty shot. The fans know what’s going on, they realize that this kid was the 10th overall pick in the most recent draft, and there was every expectation that he would have been selected much higher than 10.

This is truly the new era that the team has been attempting to usher in the last 2 seasons. We are finally seeing the youth movement begin and next season it will be in full swing. Let’s keep cheering on these new young kids as well as our veterans this season and show them that we are supporting them and that we will be out in full force come next season!

Line up notes

Here is a link to the Game Notes

The Avalanche line combinations will remain the same as last game to start this afternoon’s game off.

What do you think about the youth movement starting off this season?

Are you excited to see what this team looks like come next season? The Avalanche should be a top 10 team in the NHL in the next 2 years according to a recent report on I fully agree, and we have the right man to do the job in coach Bednar. Many don’t believe in him, many say he is a bad coach and he should be doing better this year etc. While I agree to an extent, many are forgetting many things to the equation here. It’s not all on Bednar either. Look for an article this week about the Blue Jackets turn around and how much of a role coach Bednar played in that.

Now, let’s get to puck drop! Lets Go Avs!


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