The Bruins have returned to their home arena at TD Garden in an attempt to rescue their run at the playoffs.

Little do the Bruins know the NHL EMPIRE has also begun their final push towards a playoff spot, even tougher to beat than their previous face-offs.

Once in play, this ultimate hockey game could spell certain doom for the small band of Hockey Players struggling to restore the Bruins‘ place in the playoffs…


Luckily, while I haven’t been writing about it, we’ve all been watching our boys play beautifully, clinching a playoff berth in the meantime.


If you want my opinion, I say it’s a toss-up. Tuukka has been on fire, but we all know it’s a matter of time before that ends and Khudobin is put in. This may not be a bad thing, considering Doby’s last bit of starts.

With the Goalie Situation settled for the moment, next we need to look at the defense. I feel as though we can all agree, we’re as good as we’re gonna get on defense. Chara, Krug, McQuaid, Miller, need I continue? Not to mention the couple of rookies we have, hungry to prove themselves in their debut season.

One of those players in his debut season is Brandon Carlo. Within the last 20 games or so, we’ve seen Carlo improve and assimilate to Bruins‘ style by getting more physical, and even moving up as a 2-way from time to time. This is the type of play we need to grow the next Raymond Bourque.

Getting that kind of play from Carlo could take time, so when he knows he won’t cut it he doesn’t mind moving the puck up to a plethora of forwards, plenty capable of putting rubber to the net.

We’re talking about the ones we all know. Bergeron, Backes, Pastrnak, Krejci, Beleskey, You know the rest. We’ve also some newer faces on the bench, hungry to make their mark. Names like Stafford, Acciari, and Kuraly.

In hindsight, if our boys can keep up their physicality and pace, we can expect some great things. However, we also have to ask the question, “How long can we keep this up?” Well, stress is a thing, injuries happen, fatigue is a bigger thing, and even more so, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We can all see everyone plays harder and more physical. That being said, it can go too far and our players end up flushing out eventually. Even worse, our boys could end up injured in a bad way. Perfect example, Nathan Horton in the 2011 Cup Playoffs.


You may have noticed above, I did not mention our points leader, Brad Marchand. This because he was ejected from last nights’ game with Tampa Bay in town.

A poke check to the groin and a bit of embellishment (come on dude, you’re wearing a cup) spelled a Game Misconduct for the Nose-Face Killah. As for Marchand himself, this could cost him the Rocket Richard Trophy.

As for the bigger picture, our boys proved our offense doesn’t rely on any one player last night, with a 4-0 shut out. However, having a Star forward, hungry for first in points, would have been very useful against Tampa Bay last night.

With that being said, if suspended, we’ll possibly without Marchand for the rest of the season, possibly the playoffs. That’s the time we especially need him on the ice.


Throw a prediction or your own analysis in the comments for the rest of us to see!

Jacob Parker

As a life-long Hockey fan, I've always found myself either on the ice as a Left Wing or holding Season Tickets for the WHL's Tri-City Americans. I've always been a fan of a team with a rich history and an underdog vibe, so the Bruins was the natural and only choice, considering my Father has been a Bruins fan my entire life. As a fellow Hockey fan, it is my pleasure to bring you the latest in Bruins news, analysis, and predictions, as well as tell you the rich history that comes with our illustrious Hockey Club.

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