Just the other day Vladimir Sobotka terminated his contract from his former KHL team. Elliot Friedman has announced that the Blues who still hold the player’s rights in the NHL are working on getting a contract together. The Blues own his rights for the duration of this season but this contract could be for more than just the rest of the season and playoffs as well. It is widely suspected that it could be a multi-year contract with the team.

If Sobotka does return to the Blues it could be a big benefit as they head to the postseason. He has solid faceoff numbers and with Paul Stastny still being injured that is something that the Blues could be in very big need of right now.

Here is a quote from St Louis Game Time about the current situation

“St. Louis fans probably grit their teeth every time Vladimir Sobotka’s name is mentioned, but overseas sources indicate a reunion appears closer than ever. His KHL contract was terminated earlier this week. He owes the Blues another year, but word is the team was not interested in having him play just a few games to “burn” it. Instead, it asked for him to sign an extension and there appears to be progress. Yes, I know we’ve heard this before, so we’ll see where it goes.”

Sobotka would also be a much-appreciated addition to the penalty kill unit for the Blues. He can be used on the third/fourth lines and used to match up against the other teams scoring lines to try and help slow them down and he is a player that is very effective at just that.

On Thursday General Manager of the Avangard Omsk, the team that Sobotka has been playing for the last 3 seasons in the KHL confirmed that Sobotka would be returning to the NHL.

Sobotka is 29 years old now and would be able to join the Blues right away and still be eligible to participate in the postseason run.  To this point, the Blues have not made an official comment or declaration on the matter. If/when this happens we will be sure to update this article with the updated information.

What do you Blues fans out there think about all of this news? Do you want to see him back with the team, or did his tumultuous exit and history with the team sour you on him as a player?

Let us know what you would like to see happen in the comments below and we would love to continue the discussion with you all there!


Edit – appears that the deal is done 3 year deal for him signed confirmed by Jeremy Rutherford


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