Before The Storm

Before this tournament even started it was in the headlines. Weeks prior to the tournament the United States women’s team elected to take themselves out of the event. This was done to protest USA Hockey because of unfair pay and unbalanced growth of the game. After weeks of protest, the two parties reached a deal in which America did play in the tournament. (You can read my article about the whole situation here).

The Preliminary Round

Eight counties participated in the event: The United States of America, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Finland, Czechia, and Switzerland. Only six of those eight teams were to advance to the tournament section of the tournament.  USA topped Class A going 3-0 while Germany trampled Class B going 2-1. The bottom two teams of Class B were Czechia and Switzerland putting them in the Regulation Round and to be the two teams to not advance to the tournament.

The Regulation Round

Czechia and Switzerland played a best-of-three series determining who would be relegated to Division I Group A. A group that consists of the countries like Norway, Denmark, and France. The series went to the third game where Switzerland beat Czechia. This win can mostly be accredited to Switzerland’s Alina Muller who had a goal and two assists during the game. Neither of these teams will advance to the next round though, the Quarter Finals.

The Quarter Finals

Four teams participated in the Quarter Finals: Russia, Finland, Germany, and Sweden. The United States and Canada got to skip this round because of their standing in Group A. Germany defeated Russia, 2-1 with a stellar game by Kerstin Spielberger who registered two points. Finland obliterated Sweden, 4-0. Sweden had 16 shots while Finland had 42 in the game. It’s obvious to see why Sweden won and went on to the Semi-Finals.

The Semi-Finals

It didn’t seem like the break bothered the US or Canada that much. Both teams destroyed their competition with the United States defeating Germany 11-0 and Canada defeating Finland 4-0. The Semi-Finals set up one of the best Finals ever witnessed in the Women’s World Championship.

The Finals

It’s Canada vs the USA. Rival vs Rival. Giant vs. Giant. It’s the perfect final. The two goliaths went at each other in Michigan on April 7th. During regulation, Kacey Bellamy scored two goals while Canada’s Brianne Jenner and Meghan Agosta both potted in one to create a 2-2 game. It’s overtime. It’s do or die, who’s going to be the hero? Hillary Knight of course.

Hillary Knight is at the top of her game and on top of the world. This is America’s Golden Goal. At the end of the finals, the places were set: 1st place; USA, 2nd place; Canada, 3rd place; Finland.


Even though there were some boring blowouts during the tournament, the final made up for everything. The goals, the saves, the stories were all superb during the final. This game is going down in history. This YEAR is going down in history! The United States won their fight against USA Hockey and won their fight against Canada, Germany and the rest of the world. To put it bluntly, have a year USA women’s hockey! Could America’s women come back even stronger next year? What do you think?

Fun Fast Facts

-Team USA has won gold the past four years                                                                                              -Team USA has never gotten a place below second place in the championships                                 -Team China has gotten fourth place in the tournament twice                                                                      -In the first ever tournament, checking was allowed


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