The Series So Far

At this moment in time, Wednesday, April 19th, the Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks are tied two to two in a best of seven series. Up to right now, this series has been the most up and down and interesting series to watch. So let’s take a look at the series so far.

All Tied Up

As said earlier this series between Edmonton and San Jose is tied two to two. In game one the Oilers put two goals up early but the Sharks ended up winning in overtime three to two. The overtime goal was scored by Melker Karlsson with the assist from Joe Pavelski. For the second game, Edmonton scored two shorthanded goals, scored by Connor McDavid and Zack Kassian. Surprisingly though, those two shorthanded goals were the only goals scored in the whole game! The Oilers took the second game two to nothing. In game three the Oilers narrowly got the win. Halfway through the third period Zack Kassian scored against Martin Jones off of an intercepted pass by the Sharks defensemen. Everything was looking good for the Oilers. They bounced back from being down one game. They were playing great, smart hockey. That all changed Tuesday night. Game four, the final score says it all: seven to nothing Sharks. You read that right, nada, zilch, nothing! The Sharks registered seven goals, four of which were on the powerplay. Logan Couture and Joe Pavelski both netted two. Tuesday night was historic for both franchises, the Oilers lost by the largest deficit they have ever lost during the playoffs. While, on the flipside, the Sharks won the game by the largest margin the franchise ever had during the playoffs.


Performing Players

Some players have definitely been peaking at the right time. For the Oilers, I would say that Kassian has consistently been playing great. In both Oilers wins Kassian has scored the game-winning goal. Without Kassian’s fight and play, this series would not have been tied. If it wasn’t for the seven to nothing lost on Tuesday night I would have also mentioned Cam Talbot along with Kassian because of Talbot’s two shutouts. But, after that game, I don’t know what’s going on with Talbot. For the Sharks, I would have to say that their driving force wasn’t a player. I would say the force behind the team was its power play. During the last four games, the Sharks have scored five power play goals,1.25 power play goals per game. The only downside to their power play has been their defense on the power play. They’ve given up two shorthanded goals so far in the series.


If San Jose Wins Game 5

On Thursday night the San Jose Sharks will be playing the Edmonton Oilers in Rogers Place. In my opinion, if the Sharks win this game, it’s going to be the dagger. It’s hard to come back after a seven to nothing loss but coming back from losing two games and one of them being a seven to nothing loss is even harder. They could very well still come back from that situation but I don’t see it happening. To make matters worse for the Oilers if they lose, game six is at the SAP Center in San Jose. That crowd is loud!


If Edmonton Wins Game 5

If the Oilers win game five, I still believe San Jose will win the series. In my article previewing the Sharks, I gave the series to Edmonton but I don’t think I can anymore. After seeing that supreme level of play by the Sharks I don’t think the Oilers would be able to beat the Sharks when they’re playing like they’re in the playoffs. So if either team wins I still think the Sharks will take the series.


So what do you think? Can the Oilers bounce back from a seven to nothing loss or will the Sharks continue to roll over the Oilers? Each team only needs two wins, which one’s going to get it?

Kyle Chouinard

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  1. Wow – I think u set up the narrative for the Sharks to come out on top. Unless, of course, they fall apart. However, they are in the zone, do I don’t see that happening.

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