On the afternoon of Friday, April 21st news came out that the Islanders had sent a request for a proposal for a bid a stadium at Belmont Park. This news didn’t come as a surprise to many as there had been many rumors fluttering throughout the news saying that the bid was a possibility. Just a day before this news broke, Carton, of the radio show Carton and Boomer, said that Belmont was a definite. On his show, he mentioned that  “there will be a new arena built on the Belmont Park track site that will house the Islanders in the future.”

Potential Upsides To The Move

There is a lot to be happy about if you’re an Islanders fan. Elmont NY, which houses Belmont Park, is still on Long Island just as Brooklyn was. Some worries of Islanders fans was that the team would leave Long Island. But, it looks like that this will not be the case. In other great news for Islanders fans, the stadium and area around it will be built from the ground up. This means that, unlike Barclays Center, the stadium will have good sightlines and (hopefully) good ice. But, I believe that the biggest upside is the more convoluted one. This stadium is going to have a great effect on Tavares’ contract situation. It’s evident that the playing conditions in Barclays Center are below adequate NHL standards. This deal could possibly bring a stadium without those horrid conditions. The new stadium could help keep John Tavares from signing with another team.

Potential Downsides To The Move

There have been attempts to put a stadium of many kinds in Belmont Park. There’s, of course, some reasons why the plans never come to fruition. The case that best exemplifies the potential downsides is the tale of the New York Cosmos. The New York Cosmos are a soccer team in the NASL. A couple years ago the Cosmos showcased a plan to move into Belmont Park, where the Islanders could be playing. One of the problems the Cosmos faced were some of the citizens of Elmont. Joyce Stowe, one of those citizens, wanted “to keep Elmont as a suburban area in Nassau County,” because she didn’t want Elmont to “be propelled into an urban area.” If the Islanders are to try to move into Elmont they may have to face off against Joyce Stowe and other citizens like her. Another problem with Elmont is its slow government. The Cosmos had to wait over three years for an answer to their proposed stadium. In an ironic twist, the Cosmos abandoned the idea of moving to Belmont Park and are now playing in Brooklyn instead.

So, do you believe that a move to Belmont Park is good for the Islanders or bad for the franchise?

Kyle Chouinard

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