While most of the hockey world has their attention focused on round two beginning tomorrow night the teams who had their season cut short will all have their eyes focused on Saturday the 29th. The evening of the draft lotto is a night that can make a break franchises for the next decade. The Edmonton Oilers can attest to that. Not too long ago they were sitting on the stage that we will see teams sitting on Saturday night, and because of winning the lotto they now sit poised to take on another veteran team in the Anaheim Ducks in the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs after ousting their first veteran opponent in the San Jose Sharks. That is the difference a 1st overall all draft selection can make for a franchise.

For some teams, it could be a lucky break if they can manage to win the lotto and get the top pick when barely failing to miss the playoffs as would be the case if the Tampa Bay Lightning were to win a top 3 pick. Others it is a desperate hope that the misery ends and that they can get a top 3 pick to help the transition from an atrocious season as in the Colorado Avalanche‘s case.

Either way, this is a very exciting night and will be something that will help to shape the draft day scenarios from Saturday until draft night. Will the teams keep their top picks? Will they be moved for help elsewhere? That is all left to be determined by how the lotto pans out.

As a quick reminder, this is the second season where there will be an actual lottery drawing for not only the 1st overall pick in the draft but 2nd and the 3rd overall as well. I will leave you with the odds of each team winning the 1st overall pick and a lotto simulation page if you want to play around and try your luck before the lotto happens.


Draft Odds Order for 1st overall selection in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft

  1. Colorado Avalanche 18.0 % chance
  2. VancoCanucksaucks 12.1 % chance
  3. Vegas Golden Knights 10.3 % chance
  4. Arizona Coyotes 10.3 % chance
  5. New Jersey Devils 8.5 % chance
  6. Buffalo Sabres 7.6 % chance
  7. Detroit Red Wings 6.7 % chance
  8. Dallas Stars 5.8 % chance
  9. Florida Panthers 5.4 % chance
  10. Los Angeles Kings 4.5 % chance
  11. Carolina Hurricanes 3.2 % chance
  12. Winnipeg Jets 2.7 % chance
  13. Philidelphia Flyers 2.2 % chance
  14. Tampa Bay Lightning 1.8 % chance
  15. New York Islanders 0.9 % chance

Here is a draft lotto simulation that you can run if you want to see how it turns out for you! What team do you hope to see get the top selection in the draft this year? Let us know in the comments and we can chat about what you would like to see them do with it!



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