Now you may not care about the Islanders anymore, they’re not in the playoffs you might say. But, being an annoyingly dedicated fan, I have to stay with em’. This week though, being an annoyingly dedicated fan paid off with hearing some interesting news. So, let’s take a look back on this week in Islanders World.

Welcome, Worcester Railers

This week, the Islanders announced a new partnership with the Islanders organization, the Worcester Railers. This team, based out of Worcester Massachusets, is the newest team introduced to the ECHL. They will serve under the Sound Tigers, the AHL affiliate of the New York Islanders. This team will replace the Missouri Mavericks (now known as the Kansas City Mavericks) as the sole ECHL affiliated of the New York Islanders. The St. Louis Blues will now be the sole NHL affiliated of the Mavericks.

The Islanders Will Select 15th At The NHL Draft

This doesn’t really come as a surprise to many. The Islanders had the best odds of getting fifteenth and they did, so what’s the story? The Devils and Flyers are the real stories. The Devils had an eight and a half chance of getting the first pick, and so, they did. The Flyers had a two point four percent chance of getting the second pick, and so, they did. This is going to beef up the already strong Metropolitan division. That’s how it applies to the Islanders. This is going to have a tremendous effect on the Islanders playoff chances. It’s going to be interesting how the draft shakes out.

The Owners Check Out The ACC

Don’t freak out! The Islanders aren’t moving to Toronto! But, they are taking notes, according to a tweet sent out by John Shannon.

Now, of course, the “potential new arena” is the arena is the Belmont arena. This is great news for Islanders fan. The Air Canada Center is a top notch arena by NHL standards, or at least, Barclays standards.

Islanders Prospect Wins the Le Mat Trophy

Islanders prospect Linus Söderstrom has won the Le Mat Trophy, the trophy a team wins by winning the SHL playoffs. Linus has been killer, for HV71, the team that won the Le Mat Trophy. During the regular season, he had the lowest GAA in the whole SHL with a 1.34. He didn’t just have a crazy GAA, his SV% was just as crazy. During the regular season, he had a .943 SV%. Even though Linus is signed for a couple more years with HV71, Islanders fans should be very, very excited.

So, what was the biggest news in the world of the Islanders for you?

Kyle Chouinard

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