According to Adrian Dater of BSN Avalanche and Bleacher Report, the GM of the current team that Avalanche prospect Andrei Mironov is currently playing for in the KHL is saying that he is going to Colorado next season.

While Mironov still has 1 year remaining on his current KHL deal they said that he would be allowed to come to play for the Avalanche next year if he was playing in the NHL. If the Avalanche does sign Mironov to bring him over it is apparent that they plan on playing him at the NHL level this season. I suppose there is always the chance that they bring him into camp and then maybe pre-season and then send him back to the KHL team but it seems like a lot of hassle just to send the kid back if they don’t feel like he’s ready to make the NHL club better from day 1. He has played multiple years of professional hockey and because of this, it seems like he should have a very good chance of earning that spot on the Avalanche blue line next season.

One interesting thing to note about Mironov is that he is a physical strong blueliner in his own end. He says that he models his game after former Avalanche defensemen Darius Kaspiritis. He was also selected to the KHL all-star game this last season. I don’t recall too many strong physical stay at home defencemen getting the all-star nod so that is another thing to be excited about.

Here is Hockeys future’s analysis and thoughts on Miranov’s future

Talent Analysis

“To call Mironov a bruising defenseman would be an understatement. Mironov has all the makings of an excellent stay-at-home defenseman and enough puck skills to help get the puck out of his zone and to his teammates.”


“Drafted by the Avalanche as a 20-year-old in 2015, Mironov is now in his fourth season in the KHL with Dynamo Moscow in 2015-16. Signed by the Russian club through next season, Mironov projects as a punishing defensive defenseman. He played with the Russia national team at the 2015 World Championship and is more advanced than most draft prospects.”

Honestly when I am looking at that and thinking about the way fellow Russian Nikita Zadorov was developing for us this last season.. then you add in Lindholm and the way he was hitting everything that moved and heck even Duncan Siemens (if the Avalanche retain him) and you can start to see a very young physical bruising strong defence core being built. We of course still have Tyson Barrie and Erik Johnson as well as some others who will be battling it out for roster spots on the team next year such as Chris Bigra and others. Pretty exciting to think about for next season. Definitely a type of defense core that I could get behind as a fan. Adding that to our very young top end talent up front and we have the makings of a very exciting team to watch this next season!

Here are a few highlights of his hitting and a couple examples of his hip checks.. wow!

And here is just another nice hip check.. starting to remind any Avalanche fans of anyone in particular?

and here is a good look at his slap shot on this goal

and here is a top 10 hits of the week in the KHL back in 2012 when Mironov was an 18-year-old.. and guess what? yeah, he gets hit #1 of the week!


What do the Avalanche fans out there think of this kid coming to the team next year?

Do we have any Dynamo Moskva (Moscow) team fans out there? If so what do you think of how Mironov has looked for you guys this last year? Was he truly deserving of the KHL All-Star Nod? Do you think that he is NHL ready? Are you concerned about losing him to the NHL?

I am excited to hear what the fans out there think of this news this morning. Looking forward to discussing it further with you in the comments, as we get confirmation of any signings or more news I will update this article as well so you can stay tuned for any updated information regarding Mironov as it is made available to us!



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