The Las Vegas Golden Knights have picked up their third player signing the 24-year-old speedy right wing Thomas Hyka.

Age: 24
Height: 5″ 11′
Weight: 160 lbs.
Position: Right Wing

Hyka was drafted in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft by the Los Angeles Kings. He was selected in the 6th round and pick number 171 overall that draft year.

Hyka is described by many scouts as having “excellent speed and top notch hands.” The main concern as with any player with this kind of skill set would be his size. While that is something that is becoming less and less of an issue as the NHL continues to evolve and move toward the smaller speedy skilled game and more away from the bigger physical goon it up game players such as Johnny Hockey, and even back in the more physical era Martin St Louis have shown us that players who are smaller if given the shot can still produce at a high level in the NHL. (as long as they have the skill and work ethic that is).

This, in my opinion, is a smart pick up for the Vegas Knights, Hyka will have a shot to really show the team and league what he can do at the top level this next season potentially. This is a situation that he may not have found himself in if he had signed with another NHL team who already has a more established pecking order and depth chart.  This should be an excellent opportunity and the timing for Hynka couldn’t be much better.

This last season Hyka played in the Czech Republic and put up 17 goals and a total of 38 points in his 48 games played.  For someone of his size and skill seeing him get a chance at the NHL level could open up his game even more. Sometimes when you are a very skilled player you are held back a bit by your line mates and the ability of them to see the play quickly enough to produce on it.  This is something that Colorado Avalanche fans saw first hand in recent memory with Paul Stastny. He was known as a good playmaker and a good 2-way player, but when he made the team his first season after being drafted in camp it came as a bit of a surprise to most. He showed that when he was able to play with higher skilled players he was able to produce a lot more points and it showed quickly in training camp and preseason that year which is what helped him make the team that first season.

After looking into this kid I think that it is another solid pick up for the Golden Knights and one who might surprise some people this season with his speed and skill at the top level.

The contract was a 1 year deal from what we have learned to this point.

Here is a look at  a nice break away where Hynka displays his speed and finishing ability.

What do you Vegas Knight fans out there think of this third signing? Do you like what George Mcphee is doing so far? I am getting the feeling that this is going to be a heck of a fun story to watch as we start to see more and more of the team solidify and take shape over the coming weeks. I for one love the signing. I see it as little to no risk and potentially big time reward. What are your thoughts? Share them with us in the comments and I would love to continue the discussion with you there.

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Vegas Golden Knights Sign Third Player Of Franchise History!
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The Vegas Knights have signed their third player in franchise history today! Check out the article for all the information about this new player!
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