10 games in we are looking to be in a pretty solid position so far in the season. Do you think we should look at anyone specific trade wise? I am thinking that we are probably kind of getting by with a bottom 6 forward wise that is a bit smoke and magic. I think that we should look at making a minor move or 2 that will ship out a vet or 2 in exchange for a younger 4th line guy or maybe a 3rd line guy. Would love to hear your thoughts! I am going to be cutting out the sim and do fast sim and cutting out the line adjustments pre-game so that the future videos in this series are quicker and more entertaining. Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are. Would love to take a look at one of your favorite bottom 6 guys and see if I can’t get a trade done for them!

FHM 3 | Colorado Avalanche Rebuild | Episode 8
FHM 3 | Colorado Avalanche Rebuild | Episode 8

We play 2 more games in episode 8 and this will be the last of our watching the game videos for a chunk of the season. When we get closer to the playoffs if we are in the race I will watch some of the more important games. #PuckPlanet www.puckplanet.com


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