Yes, you read that right! We have finally had a chance to see the Golden Knights on the ice! Well, some of us have. Unfortunately, the live streams of the prospect games were blacked out in all markets other than the Sharks make which was something that bothered many passionate Knights fans. Thankfully there should be more oppertunitys to see the team as they start the full camp in a couple of days. Not only are many of the training camp dates open to the public, but there will also be many home pre season games to catch as well! If you are interested in RSVPing to any training camp days or times then you can check out all that information here.

To the exciting news of yesterday Hynka scored the first goal in Knights history! He made a nifty move breaking in on the goalie and had a nice finish. Here is the video if you didnt get a chance to watch the goal yet

Here are a couple of interviews, first from George Mcphee

and the interview by Thomas Hyka

The Golden Knights continue their prospect games today. If you are in the Sharks market you will be able to catch the game on the live stream.

What are you Golden Knights fans thinking about this coming season? The excitement and the passion are building in the Vegas area as we get closer and closer to the start of camps. This is something that is almost staggering. This team is something special to its fans already. Before one official win or loss can be registered in the NHL record books of the Golden Knights franchise the city is alive and bubbling with excitement and anticipation. Are you going to be heading to training camp to see the team live? Do you already have your Pre season or season tickets? Get ready NHL because here come the Golden Knights!

What are you most excited about for the coming training camp and season?

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Thomas Hyka Scores First Goal In Vegas Golden Knights History!
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Thomas Hyka Scores First Goal In Vegas Golden Knights History!
Vegas Golden Knights played in their first official game on the ice against another team representing their new franchise! Thomas Hyka scored! info here!
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