Nikita Zadorov and the Colorado Avalanche have come to an agreement on a contract extension. The two sides have been negotiating on and off over the course of this last offseason. With an offer from a KHL team in hand, it was important that the Avalanche got this deal done if they wanted to keep Zadorov in the NHL.

According to the Denver Post, the contract is a 2-year deal worth a total of 4.3 million over the 2 years. Zadorov did not report to training camp for the first 2 days but should be heading to Denver right away now that the contract is in place.

Zadorov has very widespread potential if you look at what current fans of the team feel about his game. You have people who believe that this contract should have been done long ago and that it should have been a nice long-term locked in deal, and you also have those who think that at the current deal that he signed today is a gross overpayment. Fans have him all over the board ranging from he is the next Ryan Wilson for us all the way up to people saying that he is going to be the next Chara only with the added ability to skate at an elite level.

Wherever you see Zadorov on his potential and ability he looks to be a key member of the top 4 defence core for the Avalanche this coming season now that the contract has been signed.

What do you think about the contract? The amount of time it took to get it finished? Do you like Zadorov? Think he will have a breakout year? Think he will be a bust? Wherever you are in the Zadorov spectrum let us know in the comments, please! We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Nikita Zadorov and Avalanche Reach Agreement On Contract Extension
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Nikita Zadorov and Avalanche Reach Agreement On Contract Extension
The Colorado Avalanche and Nikita Zadorov have reached an agreement on a 2-year contract extension! Find out all the details inside!
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