This is something that I am going to break down into three sections. First I will break down the full trade, then I will go over the reaction as a fan, then I will go over the break down from a nonfan/nonemotional look. Let’s get started with the break down of the trade itself.

The Trade

To the Nashville Predators – Forward Kyle Turris

To the Ottawa Senators – Forward Matt Duchene

To the Colorado Avalanche – Defenseman prospect Samuel Girard, Nashville’s 2016 second-round pick
Forward prospect Vladislav Kamenev, Nashville’s 2014 second-round pick
Forward prospect Shane Bowers, Ottawa’s 2017 first-round pick
Goaltender Andrew Hammond
2018 first-round pick from Ottawa – top 10 protected. If Ottawa gets a top 10 pick this season the Avs will get their first in 2019
2018 second-round pick from Nashville
2019 third-round pick from Ottawa

The picks that the Avalanche picked up will be roughly 20, 50, and 70 as a rough estimate based on the teams and where they will finish.

Fan aka emotional reaction

This is something that is tough to swallow as a fan and someone who has loved Matt Duchene from day one with the Avalanche. I wanted so badly to see him be the guy who brought the cup back to Denver. Unfortunately, there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that made things just not work between Duchene and some of the other top players.

Here is a reaction from Matt Duchene himself just after the deal went through. Credit goes to Adrian Dater and BSN Avalanche for the video and allowing us to use it here.

as hard as it is to hear here are some of the reactions from Avalanche players about the trade of Matt Duchene.

Again thanks to Adrian Dater of BSN Avalanche for the interview video.

Here are some thoughts by Nathan Mackinnon

and finally here is the interview with Joe Sakic again all credit goes to Adrian Dater and BSN Avalanche.

Rational break down

Matt Duchene asked the Colorado Avalanche for a trade around Christmas time last year. This is something that has been brewing for some time, and it is very much overdue coming to fruition. There have been rumors that he was on the block as far back as 2015.

Duchene, unfortunately, needed to be moved. I am fully convinced that this is a move that is best for Matt Duchene as a player as well as the Avalanche as an organization. When trade rumors first started to rise and the public started to hear that he could be moved many thought Joes ask was outrageous. Whether it was or not, Joe stuck to his guns and he got a package in return for one asset in Matt Duchene that was exactly what he wanted.

Samuel Girard

In Samuel Girard, Joe got his “Special” Defencemen. Joe said just after the deal was announced on altitude during the game that he has that “it” factor and that he is a very special player. He said that he will help with the power play right away as well as with the puck movement. Joe you could tell was very happy to finally have gotten “his man”. Will he be the kind of player Joe sees in him? Well only time will tell, but if he lives up to half of what Joe is expecting of him he is going to be the best blueliner we have had in a very long time on the Avalanche. This was one of the main pieces that Joe had to have to get this deal done. He will join the team and play in their next game which is on Friday. The first of the two back to back games in the Sweeden series. As Strange as it is we will also get our first look at Matt Duchene with the Senators as that is who we play in those two games. Lets hope that he doesn’t instantly become one of those classic “Avs Killers”.

Here is what the Sportsforecaster has to say about Girard

Assets: Is a real natural when quarterbacking the power play, as he is smooth as silk with the puck on his stick. Uses his active stick well when defending his own zone. Is a very cerebral player.
Flaws: Is significantly undersized for the NHL game, so he has a tendency to get knocked off the puck too easily. Must prove capable of being a quality defender against bigger NHL forwards.
Career Potential: Diminutive but talented offensive defenseman with some upside.


Here are Eliteprospects thoughts on Girard

A flashy offensive defenceman who takes advantage of opportunities and is always looking to make an impact each shift. Works very hard and isn’t afraid to play the body. Skates with exceptional exuberance and fluidity. Accurate release on his shot and a good eye for open passing lanes. Proactive defensively and puts the pressure on the opposition. Needs to have a more active stick and a more felt presence in shooting lanes, but he has shown a willingness to learn, and these skills will develop. All-in-all, an exciting offensive defenceman who displays noteworthy offensive and defensive instincts. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015)

Here is a look at his first NHL Goal scored this year.

Shane Bowers

Shane Bowers was a player that the Senators selected with their first-round pick this last draft. He is currently playing at BU.

Here are the Hockey News thoughts on Bowers


Due to a high level of intensity and work ethic, he excels in pressure situations. Boasts a no-nonsense approach to the game and is willing to sacrifice for the good of the team. Is a good face-off man. Does all the little things.
Needs to add bulk and strength, since he is a little lacking in terms of overall size for the National Hockey League. Also, he may lack some of the high-end scoring prowess of some of his peers. Is at times a little too wound up.
Quality two-way forward with some upside.


Here are Elite Prospects thoughts on Bower

Dangerous as he takes a quick step out from the wall to the front of the net or comes from behind the net to get off a quick shot, 2017

here are some highlights from Bowers this season at Boston University

Vladislav Kamenev

Vladislav Kamenev was the Predators second-round pick in 2014 NHL Entry Draft. He is a player that is compared by some to Valeri Nichushkin. He is a player who Joe said immediately after the trade that he was “very close” to being ready for the NHL. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him called up to the Avalanche at some point this season in fact.

Here are The Hockey News thoughts on Kamenev


Has NHL size (6-2) and high-end talent. Can score goals in bunches and is a dynamic game breaker. Is hard to knock off the puck and can also create offense for his linemates effectively.
Must work harder on the ice, since he has a tendency to check out mentally from time to time. Also needs to work on his play when he doesn’t have the puck, especially in his own end.
Talented, versatile offensive forward with good upside.

Here is what Hockeys Future has to say about him

Talent Analysis

Kamenev is a fluid skating center with an excellent set of hands. He is an interesting prospect with size, the ability to use his body to advantage, and significant puck skills. The native of Orsk, Russia is effective along the boards and in front of the crease. He has a good shot, but is not a goal-scorer, playing more of a pass-first type of game. Kamenev has a determined work ethic and is disciplined in terms of avoiding unnecessary penalties.

Kamenev has size and a high skill level and plays with a determination that some liken to countryman Valeri Nichushkin (DAL). A team leader who was the captain for the Russia U18 team in 2013-14, Kamenev should continue to improve as he matures physically and further develops his skating ability while learning the finer points of positional play

Here is a highlight video of him. Watch the move against the Rampage. That was a great move and shot. I am excited to see when this kid gets his look at the NHL with the Avalanche. It could be as early as this season i expect.

Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond Aka the Hamburgler is a 29 year old goalie who was also picked up in this deal. This is one of the strange pieces in this deal, but I think it was more a salary situation for the other team and they wanted to get rid of the contract. I don’t think that he will ever play on NHL ice for the Avalanche unless we have a Vegas esk goalie tragedy out of nowhere. He could be a guy who might be flipped at some point to a team who is having goalie issues of their own. He has backstopped the Senators on a long playoff run a couple years back but has since come back to his normal stat averages since. in 55 regular season NHL games, he has put up a .923 save percentage and a 2.31 GAA. So that isn’t too bad. If the Avalanche get into a goalie situation injury wise or another team is looking for some insurance for a playoff run he might be able to be flipped for some assets as well.

on top of the players the Avalanche also picked up another 1st 2nd and 3rd round picks in the 2018 NHL entry draft (unless the Senators end up with a top 10 pick then it will be their pick in 2019). but that is very unlikely to happen.

As far as this deal goes I for one am not surprised that Joe got a package he liked as he held out and has been very firm on his asking price, I am a bit surprised that he got this good of a package though. I think that there is really a chance that this goes down as one of those franchise-changing moves. (any Duchene trade would be that, but they turned one asset into 6-7 potential pieces.)


Who won this deal? What do you fellow Avalanche fans think out there? Personally, I feel like the Avalanche got a very good package deal for their one asset they moved in Duchene. Is it hard as a fan to see him go? For me personally because of him being my favorite Avalanche player for years it is tough to see him go, but at the same time it is exciting to see the excessive value that they got back in return and I am very excited for the future and the young depth that this team has and continues to build around.

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