Nathan Mackinnon has been named the first star for the NHL in the month of November. As all Avalanche fans have seen over the last month MacKinnon has taken his game to a whole new level.

He led the NHL in scoring over the last month as well as made his linemates much better. This is possibly the next step for MacKinnon when it comes to his development as a player. When he can get to the point that he can consistently make his linemates better he will elevate his whole game to a new level. That has been the thought about him for the last couple of seasons. It seems, that at least for this last month that is something that he has done.

In November MacKinnon put up 5-15-20 stat line in just 20 games played. Something that seems to be forgotten about is that 90 percent of those assists was the primary assist on goals. That means that they weren’t just MacKinnon dumping the puck to someone who takes it up ice and then makes a pass to another player who scores. The primary assist is the pass that goes from one player to the player who scores directly. He is really starting to set up his linemates right in the scoring zone.

The biggest thing I have noticed that has changed in his game this last month is that he seems to have learned how to put the right weight on his passes to his linemates. The chemistry with Mikko and Landy seems to be playing a big part in that and it certainly was when Landeskog got placed on his line that MacKinnon took off.

Is this something that he can continue for the rest of the season and into the prime of his career? I think so, I think that there might even be another level that we could see from him when he gets into the playoffs next.

Do you guys think that MacKinnon will finish in the top 10 of scoring in the NHL this year? What about top 5 in the NHL scoring by the end of the season? We are starting to see the realization of MacKinnon’s 1st overall selection potential and I couldn’t be more excited to see him hit the ice every game.

Nathan MacKinnon First Star Of November
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Nathan MacKinnon First Star Of November
Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche has been named the first star of the month in the NHL. Check out his stats and information inside!
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