Anyone who has watched even a period or two of a Colorado Avalanche game this season has no doubt noticed rookie defencemen Cale Makar. What he is doing is hard not to notice, but just how special is what he is doing? Are we talking all-time great? Just a solid rookie campaign? Let’s take a look at some of what he has accomplished to this point in his short career with the Avalanche


So far in his rookie year this season Makar has played in 27 games putting up 8 goals and 19 assists for 27 points he is also a plus 9. As a 21-year-old rookie defenceman averaging a point per game is pretty unheard of at this point of the season. In a game last month Makar tallied 4 assists in a single game.  If it wasn’t for John Carlssons’ insane season at this point Makar would likely be getting some serious Norris consideration as well. Even with the crazy points, Carlsson is putting up Makar would have to be in the top 5 at the very least when it comes to Norris consideration at this point of the season.

Makar took home rookie of the month honors for his Novemeber preformances as well as setting an Avalanche franchise record by scoring 13 points in 9 games as a rookie defencemen in November!

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Going back to 1979-80, which is as far as’s game-by-game tracker extends, only one defenseman had more points through his first 26 NHL regular-season games than Makar’s 26: Larry Murphy with 29 in 1980-81. Four of the top five players on that list — Makar being the fifth — are already in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Nicklas Lidstrom and Mark Howe each had 24 points in their first 26 NHL games, and Phil Housley had 21 points in that span.

If you have not caught any Avalanche games this season, you would be doing yourself as a hockey fan a disservice to not tune into at least a game or two. At this point, we are actually watching history in the making. There are not many players who break into the league and start immediately making the impact that Makar is having this season. The term “Franchise player” is thrown around a bit too loosely for my liking or “Generational talent” but in Makar’s case, there is not really anything else you can say about him. He is something we have not seen in the NHL in decades, and we probably won’t be seeing anything like it for some time either.

to this point in the season, Makar has just 8 games where he has failed to score a single point. He has 19 games where he has scored at least 1 point, 5 games with 2 or more, 2 games with 3 or more and 1 game with a 4 point night. Honestly, this kind of production would be pretty awesome for a rookie NHL forward let alone defencemen.

What are people saying?

Here is what MileHighHocky had to say about Makar specifically about the defensive side of his game You can find the full article here! If you have not taken a look at their Avalanche coverage you should definatly check them out sometime!

But he’s been more than just an offensive defender. Though his ice time has been sheltered at times, Makar has proven he’s more than capable of holding his own against veteran NHL forwards. He gets a lot of offensive zone starts, but that has more to do with his capability to generate scoring chances than it does with his defensive ability – or perceived lack there of.

“I feel really comfortable with where his game is at and he’s just going to continue to build on that.” Coach Jared Bednar mentioned about Makar’s defensive game.

Current Ability?

While at 21 years old Makar is all ready flirting with NHL superstar status there are areas he will continue to develop and improve upon as he plays more games at the NHL level witch is a pretty scary thing to think about for the rest of the league.

Future Projections?

It is pretty difficult to not get sucked up by the hype train that has surrounded this kid from day one. You keep thinking he will drop off at some point as many rookies do but at this point in time roughly the unofficial 1/3rd point of the season he appears to just be getting stronger and more confident by the night. Makar could easily wind up being one of this generations best if not the best defencemen that we see.

Some Video Highlights

What do you think?

Just how good will Cale Makar be throughout his NHL career? Do you think he has a chance to be special or do you think he will fizzle out as time goes on? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Just How Special Is What Cale Makar Is Doing?
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Just How Special Is What Cale Makar Is Doing?
Just how special is rookie defencemen Cale Makar of the Colorado Avalanche? He has been on a historic pace so far this season, find out more here!
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