Sites We Love

Here is a list of various Hockey related websites that the writers and staff at Puck Planet absolutely Love and a little bit about what we love about them.

Puckalytics Puckalytics is a great resource for looking up player information. You can narrow your search results down by position ( Defense, Forwards, goalies, or all) then you can adjust things such as min games played, ice time, situation ( power player penalty kill even strength and every possible situation that could occur in ) Then you can refine your search even farther down by years going all the way back to the 2007-2008 season. This is a great tool for researching various players, records, stats, or just playing around and seeing what you can find.

The Hockey NewsThe Hockey News is one of the top hockey news sites out there. They all ways have any breaking news for the teams or leagues posted as soon as possible as well as various other fans blogs and thoughts on various topics around the NHL.

SportsNet SportsNet is the top Canadian source for all things hockey. They have all the news and reports out similarly to The Hockey News but they also cover world hockey events and various other leagues and levels as well. This is one of the most fleshed out Canadian hockey sites out there, and there are many out there (trust us we have looked!).

CapFriendly CapFriendly is our go to site when looking up salary cap and contract situations for players in the NHL here at Puck Planet. They have a very in depth and easy to navigate layout. You can search by teams or by individual players to see their contract details their cap hits and their bonuses. They also have a couple handy tables that show recent signings their cap hits, injures and their cap effects and recalls and reassignments.

Prospect Stats Prospect Stats is a great site that lets you look up the current and past stats for prospects playing in various leagues such as the AHL, OHL, QMJHL, USHL and WHL among others. You can check out heat maps for those leagues that the site covers as well as sort out whatever specific stats your looking for. you can sort by position as well if you are just wanting to see who the best in various stat categories are right now.

Puck BasePuck Base is another great site for finding stats out about a team or player. What is unique about Puck Base is that it has the various NHL teams sorted as well so that you can easily see team stats as well as various players individual stats. This is a great site to use for reference when trying to work out what is and isn’t working for a team or when your trying to understand some more of the deeper stats that are behind a teams winning or losing ways.