This will have our “Leagues/Teams Map” once it is completed. You will be able to highlight any area on the world map and have it bring up a tool tip that shows what hockey leagues and teams are currently located in that area and participates there. This will help people new to the game locate teams and leagues of all levels that play locally so that they can start checking out the games in their area in the future.

This page is currently UNDER CONTRCUTION please check back shortly!



North American Lagues

Each League name will be linked to their puck planet page with all the information on the league you could want including teams, divisions, league general information, standings, etc.

National Hockey League – (NHL)
American Hockey League – (AHL)
East Coast Hockey League – (ECHL)
Southern Professional Hockey League – (SPHL)
Federal Hockey League – (FHL)
NCAA Hockey League – (NCAA)