Mikko Rantanen

Player Image

Image Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America

Basic Player Info

Player Name: Mikko Rantanen
Height:  6′ 4″
Weight: 212
Birthdate: October 29, 1996
Age: 20

Current Team: Colorado Avalanche
National Team: Finland

Position: Right Wing/Center

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Scouting Reports

The Hockey News player forecaster report:

Owns a tremendous combination of NHL size and elite skill. Skates very well for his size and is a great playmaker. He is also quite versatile and can play all three forward positions, which adds to his overall value.
In order to maximize production at the highest level, he will need to amp up his physical play (and take full advantage of his 6-4, 211-pound frame). Could also stand to improve his shot a little.
Big, talented and versatile playmaker with great upside.

Hockeys Future’s Report on Mikko:

Talent Analysis

Rantanen is a smooth skating European forward who plays a quiet but efficient style of hockey. He won’t put up too many highlight-reel goals in his career but he will certainly put up points. It would be beneficial if he added more physicality to his game but that is not what he is known for. His playmaking abilities is aided by his smooth hands and his ability to read the plays.


Rantanen made his NHL debut with the Avalanche as an 18-year-old — making the team out of training camp and appearing in six games before being assigned to the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage. Rantanen has been the team’s leading scorer for much of the 2015-16 season despite spending time with the Finland U20 team that won a gold medal at the World Junior Championship. Rantanen‘s combination of size, skating ability and offensive instincts suggest he can be a consistent scorer at the NHL level in the future.


Dobber Prospects Thoughts:

Fantasy Outlook: A

Rantanen owns very promising pro tools – size, puck skills, hockey sense and high-end shooting abilities – and projects as a top-six skilled winger.

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Puck Planet Player Reports


Mikko Rantanen has displayed tons of leadership qualities over the course of his short career to this point in time, both internationally and with his club teams. In his last opportunity to play in the World Junior Championships, he was named the captain of his team. He played hard through the tournament, and when the games mattered the most he came through not only as a leader in the locker room but on the ice where he upped his production on the ice once the team reached the knock out games. He led the team to the gold medal game where he added another goal and helped his team to take home the gold medal. He displayed leadership this most recent season with the Colorado Avalanche by continuing to work on learning and improving his game in the middle of the worst season the NHL has seen in over 3 decades. Still managing to finish the season with 20 goals. For a young player not named Connor McDavid a 20 goal first full rookie season is quite an accomplishment in today’s NHL.

Not only does Mikko display leadership qualities, but he has a very intriguing physical skill set to work with as well. He has great size at 6’4 and has a frame that could really be used at the NHL level once he puts on a bit more muscle and fills out some more. With a little more time to develop and mature physically, Mikko will be a potential force to be reckoned with on the ice. Not too many players should be able to move him from in front of the net or be able to knock him off the puck when he is coming down the half boards and into the zone.

Finally, but of course not least of all we have his actual hockey skill set. Mikko displays tremendous patience with the puck and appears calm and natural with the puck on his stick. With that patients, he has already shown a tremendous hockey IQ and ability to get the puck to a player when he is ready to shoot. Early last season it appeared that Mikko might have been a bit too patient at times (almost reminded you of a young Alex Tanguay in some ways) but as we got near the end of the season you could see that Mikko was starting to get comfortable out there on the NHL ice. That is when we started to get a chance to see the shot that he has and let me tell you the kid has a shot. Down the stretch, he finally started to feel more confident to take his shots and wasn’t as worried about just feeding the vets etc. He has an excellent release and the ability to pick his spots from just about anywhere in side the o zone. I have not been able to get too much information on his slap shot as he hasn’t taken as many of them, but his quick wrister and snap shot will be something that will haunt goalies for a long time.


As Mikko continues to develop when we look back at his career I would not be surprised at all if we see numbers somewhere in the range of 30+ goals per season and 40+ assists per year during the years he is in his prime. Mikko is a top talent and top young player coming up in the NHL. I think that the sky is really the limit for Mikko and that he will go as far in this game as he wants to push himself to go. In his prime he will be a perenial all start contendor as well as looked at as a top skilled top 6 NHL winger who can play on either forward line and be productive for a good playoff team.

Player Stats

SeasonLeagueTeam Played ForGames PlayedGoalsAssistsTotal Points+/-Penaltys In Minuets
2015/2016AHL San Antonio Rampage52243660+2042
2015/2016NHLColorado Avalanche9000-72
2016/2017NHLColorado Avalanche75201838-2522

Player Bio

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Early days

Mikko Rantanen made his Finnish professional debut at 14 years old playing for HC TPS in 2012-2013.
In the 2014-2015 season, Mikko was the only 17-year-old to play in his third year with TPS.

Pre NHL Draft

When Rantanen was playing in his draft eligible year he was ranked as the top European skater by the end of the season. He became the first European player drafted when the Colorado Avalanche selected him with the 10th overall pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

Post-NHL Draft

Rantanen signed his 3-year entry level contract with the Avalanche on July 13th, 2015. As just an 18-year-old Mikko made the Avalanches opening night roster to start the 2015 season, making his NHL debut on October 8th, 2015. Mikko went on to play 6 games that season with the Avalanche before being sent down to the teams AHL affiliate which was the San Antonio Rampage. He was sent down on October 22nd, 2015.


In his first AHL game, Rantanen scored his first goal and assist in a 5-1 victory for the Rampage. He continued that fast start and ended up leading the Rampage in all offensive categories by the time the AHL All Star Game rolled around. He was named to that team. Being selected to the AHL all star game at such a young age made him the second youngest participant in the events modern history. Rantanen was called up by the Avalanche for another short 3 game stint before being sent back down to the Rampage where he became just the seventh teenager to ever reach the 60 point mark in the AHL in just 52 games played. Finishing in 6th place in the scoring race in the AHL earned him a spot on the Second All Star Team as well as a share of the Dudley “Red” Garrett Memorial Award that is given to the leagues rookie of the year. He shared this honor with Frank Vatrano.

International Play

Mikko was selected to play in the 2015 World Junior Championships in Toronto Canada. His team had a rough go at the tournament finishing in seventh place, but Rantanen put in 4 goals in 5 games played to earn a top 3 player on team selection.

During the first North American Professional season that Rantanen played in while he was still eligible for his final junior tournament, the Colorado Avalanche graciously loaned Rantanen to be the captain of the Finish Junior team as they hosted the 2016 World Junior Championships. Rantanen was able to add a very stabilizing presence to the line up as well as playing a supporting role throughout the round robin stages. He then rose to the occasion and upped his scoring when the games got to the knock our rounds. He scored again in the gold medal game against Russia to help his team win the gold medal and finish off his junior career on top.


Mikko finished his first full season with the Colorado Avalanche last season (2016-2017). While his team as a whole struggled and had a very hard time as a whole Mikko was able to still finish his season with 20 goals and 18 assists in 75 games played. He looks to have a bright future and is a player that we should be watching in the coming years.

Contract Info

SeasonClause/If any?Cap HitTotal SalaryMinors Salary
2015-2016NA$925,000ENTRY-LEVEL SLIDE

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