Writers List

On this page, we will have listed all of our current writers who are covering any teams for us. If you click on any of the hyperlinked (underlined) names of the writers you will open a page that has all of the articles that writer has written for us to this point organized with the most recent article at the top and moving down to the oldest as you move down the list. If you click on their hyperlinked (underlined) Twitter handle it will bring you to their Twitter profile page as well.  This page will be updated frequently as we continue to add writers to finish up the few remaining NHL positions that we have open and then continue to move onto the AHL, then other leagues.

in the future, as we get each league filled with writers we will move onto another until eventually, we have writers covering all the teams and leagues out there for you great passionate hockey fans!


National Hockey League

Atlantic Division Lead - Alex Nikolov
Boston Bruins - Jacob Parker, Twitter Handle
Detroit Red wings - Adam Small, Twitter Handle @AGSmale       Goose, Twitter Handle 
Montreal Canadians - Thomas D'Onofrio, Twitter Handle @TDonofrio31
Tampa Bay Lightning - 
Buffalo Sabers - Jim Levinthal, Twitter Handle
Florida Panthers - Jarret Rutsky, Twitter Handle
Ottawa Senators - Nicklaus Anderson, Twitter Handle      Rudolf Grepl, Twitter Handle
Toronto Maple Leafs - Alex Nikolov, Twitter Handle 
Metropolitan Division Lead - 
Caroline Hurricanes - Alex Ohari, Twitter Handle
New Jersey Devils - 
New York Rangers - Daniel DiBenedetto, Twitter Handle 
Pittsburgh Penguins - BoricuaMountie, Twitter Handle
Columbus Blue Jackets - 
New York Islanders - Tyler Mcginty, Twitter Handle,      Kyle Chouinard, Twitter Handle @kyle_chouinard
Philadelphia Flyers - 
Washington Capitols - Logan Pecht, Twitter Handle
Central Division Lead - Matthew Bullinger
Chicago Blackhawks - Leroy Kleimola, Twitter Handle @cubman87
Dallas Stars - Andrew LaGesse, Twitter Handle
Nashville Predators - Daniel Jones, Twitter Handle
Winnipeg Jets - Hillary Julia, Twitter Handle
Colorado Avalanche - Ryan Crappa, Twitter Handle @jayfretters
Minnesota Wild - 
St. Louise Blues - Matthew Bullinger, Twitter Handle
Pacific Division Lead - 
Anaheim Ducks - 
Calgary Flames - 
Los Angeles Kings - Matt Guthrie, Twitter Handle
Vancouver Canucks - 
Arizona Coyotes - Roman Ellefson, Twitter Handle
Edmonton Oilers - 
San Jose Sharks - Greg
Vegas Golden Knights - Ryan Crappa, Twitter Handle @jayfretters

American Hockey League

Rockford IceHogs John Wroblewski, Twitter Handle @JohngysBeat